Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Mount Agung Eruption


As the highest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung’s volcanic activities had caused an international phenomenon. Media press from around the world inserted Mount Agung as their main headlines, bringing fears for tourists to come to Bali. It is unfortunate since, in reality, Mount Agung’s proceeding events are not worse as it is being thought. Lack of access to read official statements, minimum disaster socialization towards tourist agencies, and no adequate English information about Mount Agung’s status are common reasons of why international visitors are left with confusing explanations.

That’s why to set all things clear, we have summarized the real facts about upcoming Mount Agung’s activities with qualified data references from National Board for Disaster Management (BPNB) and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Let’s take a look!

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Mount Agung , Source: Tripcanvasindonesia

1. Mount Agung is very less likely to explode.

Yes, you hear that right. Compared to the last Mount Agung’s disastrous explosion in 1963, there is high chance that Mount Agung will only splurge small blasts when it erupts, or there can be no explosions and eruption at all in a near time.

This is caused due to Mount Agung seismic activities which shows no signs of increasing movements for the last 12 days. In fact, the number of daily felt earthquakes at Mount Agung Volcano Observatory (AVO) has decreased a lot since September 27, 2017.

As mentioned by Mr Surono, an Indonesian volcanology expert who is well-known for handling the mount Merapi explosion in Yogyakarta, “Tremor or volcanic earthquakes are main signs of huge volcanic activity, however, if the tremor causes the volcano to release all gas, it will not produce an explosion”, he said.

Present facts show that Mount Agung’s crater has released white smokes accompanied with magmatic gases in a period of time. These gases are easily be blown and scattered by the wind, so it won’t affect the air quality nor causing climatic changes.

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Mount Agung Crater, source: tripadvisor

2. Tourist Sites are Safe

Most of the tourist attractions such as Kuta Beach, Denpasar, Uluwatu, and Nusa Dua are located 60-100 kilometers away from Mount Agung, which is far enough to prevent from Mount Agung’s eruption impacts.

There are possibilities where Mount Agung’s will not erupt significantly since the magma pipe inside the volcano has been long inactive for 50 years and causing the magma pipe to freeze again. Even if the eruption still happens, it will only produce lava in a less amount due to the decreasing seismic movements. This statement has confirmed by I Gede Suantika, chief of Gunung Agung Mitigation Management.

However, for precaution, The BPNB has set hazard area spanning around 9-12 kilometers radius from the Mount Agung’s location. Local governments have also made numerous efforts to evacuate nearby villagers around mountain area for better safety. As long residents and tourists are outside of the hazard zone, they will remain safe. The detailed map below shows the lava distribution around Mount Agung area.

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Bali Volcano Map. Source: bbc.com

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