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Are you looking for help with your MICE management in Indonesia? We’re here to help.


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE) tourism is a big part of Bali’s tourism industry, which also means that Bali has the capacity and the five star facilities to host all size of MICE as well as a perfect destination for a corporate retreat, paired with unmatched hospitality and the highest international standard. And the best part? All of the above can be delivered with a friendly budget.

We understand that managing and planning an event remotely can often be frustrating or overwhelming, and we’d like to take some load off your shoulder and help you organize the MICE you and your organization deserve!



MICE and Corporate Retreat Management Service

We offer a thorough from-start-to-finish package service to be your local sidekick on the ground. Some of the things we can do to help you are:


Venue Evaluation

We will first compile a shortlist of venues that best suit your event, and reach out to the venues on your behalf to obtain venue details and quotation.


Virtual Design

We will provide input on your existing virtual design of the event to best reflect the Balinese charms. Furthermore, once a design is finalized, we will work and coordinate with local vendors to set up the venue, and the all the preparation before the events, we can be your only contact windows and save you the trouble of having to talk to 5+ vendors every day to monitor to the process. Now you only have to talk to one!


Hotel reservation and arrangement

We’ll work with you to work out the best deal on accommodation for you and your attendees, we can also monitor the booking progress and keep you up to date with the latest development. A special arrangement of fast check in or dedicated check in desks can also be arranged (on a case by case basis).

Hotels Management

Dinner gala and luncheon planning

The gala dinner and luncheon are often more than that – it’s an opportunity for attendees to socialize in a more relaxed setting, and with proper entertainment planning, it can even be the most memorable moment of the trip. Being rich in culture, Bali has the advantage that allows us to provide the most unique, cultural, and memorable entertainment for your dinner gala or luncheon.

Gala Dinner

Equipment and hardware management

We’ll be there every step of the way from set up, soundtrack, and the entire event to ensure timeliness should any issue arises, as well as working with vendors to make sure there’s backup plan for everything.

Equipment - hardware management

Registration desk

Don’t worry about staffing for registration, we got it.


Event memorabilia

Consider ordering your memorabilia locally to maximize the uniqueness of your MICE, as well as saving on shipping and possibly costs. We will work with you to find the best memorabilia for your MICE in Bali.



Of course, we can do so much more and just about everything you need for your MICE, get in touch today to see how we can work together!









1. Team Building – Outbound

Goals: To build power for company by build employee confidence, goodwill, and moral. Team building event help to make bonding between employee with the some games which need team work.

Term: Team building event focused on many activities like workshop

Team Building

2. Company’s Product Launch

Goals: product launching have 2 type, which is have 2 type, product launching to give information for all employee about the product, then product launching with the bigger scale, which made for creating awareness for customer and media. Generally product launching for the business to customer (B2C) type.

Term: generally the company want generate media and buzz coverage on the industry. A big product launching usually held with many activities, depends on clients needed.

Product Launch

3. Company’s Milestone

Goals: The corporate want to celebrate opening the subsidiary or celebrate the company’s anniversary.

Term: the activities can have many theme, but usually have same program like appreciation events. So many variety who will invited to this event, start from employee, vendor, retail, and customer. Depends on how big the company and the event

Milestone Company

4. Golf

Goals: one of favorite activities on every company is held event playing golf together annually. The main purpose is relationship between management.

Term: most of golf course priority the client who reserve tea time session on the morning or at least on the afternoon, if we don’t reserve the golf course for whole day, this is can be a problem on scheduling for meeting bussines.

This is important to make sure all the participant on golf event on time, and always remind them to keep follow the event schedule. This is for prevent dissappearance meeting bussines time.

support for the friend

5. Exhibition

Goals: The Corporate which join on this Trade Show as one of activity for leading the generation. The corporate can be sponsor the event, that for embed the image of corporate on people who came to that event, like member, customer, supplier.

Term: Planning the event for trade show usually involve negotiation about the price of booth, advertisement, any promotion on that event, speaker.

Many detail of logistic which will must be needed for make sure all staff for booth, promotional materials, gift, and crew can be ready before the gate open for public


6. Executive Retreats and Incentive Programs

Goals : Large sum of money are spent for per person. Executive Retreat and Incentive Program which is often and commonly held at an expensive resort and exclusive. The theme and schedule usually held are business development and organization plans, but the event consist of joyful and relaxing experience as part of the reward and incentive programs.

Terms : Executive Retreat and Incentive Program commonly held between three to five days and required location, accommodation, transportation, meals, business meeting, and golf, and others.

Executive Retreat and Incentives

7. Seminars; Conference; and Meeting

Goals: corporate plan to held this meeting for giving related information which already agreed by the client (corporate).


The seminar usually will lasted on few hour, half day, even whole day. They usually have one speaker or more. Usually the participate will placed in one big hall.

The conference have a some session at the same time, and will directed with the different interest, position, role, and skill level.

Conference will held on hotel, start from keynote speaker session, and then continue with the smaller session with the focus topic. A conference usually planned half day although generally will held on one until two days or may be more.






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