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★Bali Safari and Marine Park visit.

★Discover marine wildlife and dive into the Bali waters.

★Day trip to the famous temples of Bangkok: Bangkok Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

★Taste the authentic taste of Thai cuisine or better yet learn how to cook the Thai way!

    Destination : Bali, Bangkok
    Language: : English / Chinese
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    Known for its tropical paradise-like mood, Bali has been the most aspired destination for nature-lovers and adventure-seekers. From surfing to diving; from discovering the cultural and historical attractions to relaxing in a cool and calm hotel or villas, this place has always offered a lot of fun activities for those who are taking a break from the toxic urban life or those who wants a genuine experience for their vacation - no wonder why Bali is always popular and takes home a bunch of travel awards.
    Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, has been very popular with many tourists. Among Thai people, Bangkok is said to be "Thonburi" or "City of Treasures Gracing the Ocean". From skyscrapers down to river rides, this place sure did prove its worth as a must-visit city in the whole world.
    The city started off as a center of trading. Its economy has then expanded through international trade. And now while it is coping up with the world's modernization, its interesting past has been preserved - the night market, the great traditional palaces, even the transportation means. All these places are waiting for you to explore so you can retell their history to the next generation.



    Day 1

    Arrival in Bali. Pick-up point: Airport. The rest of the day is your free time, so spend it however you like. But be sure to have a good rest; you're going to need full-batteries on Day 2.

    Day 2

    Wildlife or wild life?

    Itinerary Summary
    Hotel Breakfast
    Bali Safari and Marine Park or Ubud Monkey Forest
    Lunch at Warong Legong Restaurant
    Ubud Art Market
    Uluwatu Temple
    At 7:30AM, you will have your breakfast at the hotel. Early bird catches the early worm they say, but it won't be worms that you'll be catching. After breakfast, the tour guide will meet with you at the hotel. If you choose Safari and Marine Park - Buckle up! Summon your inner-strength and never forget to bring along your love for wildlife as we get you to observe dragons, elephants, tigers - as close as possible (at a safe distance, of course). If you do not wish to have that 'another zoo visit', we could walk our way through the Ubud Monkey Forest. It will be a walk of your life so please leave your fashion shoes and get on with the sporty ones. And oh, leave all the thing you want to keep – glasses, phones, anything that sparkles and eye-catching, the monkeys might take them, consider this a friendly reminder.
    At 11:30AM or so, you will be taken to Warong Legong Restaurant where you can have your lunch.
    At 1:00PM is Ubud Art Market time. Buy souvenirs or just take memorable selfies!
    After buying or viewing different Ubud Art, you will be visiting Uluwatu Temple before sunset and catch the kecak fire dance. Oops, watch the fire, though.
    7:30PM It's dinner time! This time, it's seafood at Jimbaran Beach Cafe.


    Day 3

    Diving at Geko Dive

    Itinerary Summary
    Hotel Breakfast
    Geko Dive
    At 7AM, have your fill at the hotel, you're going to need a full stomach.
    At 9AM, you will be taken to your next activity. Beach? Diving! At Geko Dive! Indulge yourself with fascinating underwater sights - there's a lot to see!


    Day 4

    Depart from Bali, Arrival in Bangkok

    Say your goodbyes to Bali and your hellos to Bangkok in a few hours. Check out from the hotel.
    The tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to the airport so you can catch your flight to Bangkok. The flight usually takes 4 to 5 hours.
    Arrival in Bangkok. Pick-up point: Airport. Spend the rest of the day at your will.


    Day 5

    Famous Temples in Bangkok

    Itinerary Summary
    Hotel Breakfast
    Bangkok Grand Palace Tour
    Lunch at The Deck by the River
    Lunch at The Deck by the River
    Wat Pho Temple
    Wat Arun Temple
    Dinner at a restaurant of your choice: Steve Cafe and Cuisine, Supatra River House or Mei Jiang
    At 7AM, have a delightful breakfast at your hotel. 
    At 8AM, the tour guide will meet with you at the hotel to take you to your first destination in Bangkok  - Bangkok Grand Palace Tour. This place is sacred. You might need to dress conservatively during this tour to respect the people in Bangkok and their culture, as well.
    At 11:30 AM, you may take your lunch at The Deck by the River.
    At 1:00PM, or the earlier the better, it's time to visit Wat Pho Temple. Also known as The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, this area was where the first Thai massage school stood. If you're up for a Thai massage, you may ask the tour guide to take you to the pavilion right away since there will surely be a long line of customers after lunch and beyond.
    At 3:30PM, you will be taken to the other side where the Wat Arun stands. So you will be riding the water taxi which is the oldest transportation means in Bangkok. Catch the spectacular view of Wat Arun at sunset. Wat Arun, also called Temple of Dawn, is known for its intricate design and its majestic aura at sunset and at night when lit up.
    7PM, you will be having your dinner at a restaurant of your choice: Steve Cafe and Cuisine, Supatra River House or Mei Jiang. You might need to take another water taxi ride since these restaurants are by the river.


    Day 6


    Itinerary Summary
    Hotel Breakfast
    No specific activities
    Make it a day of your life in Bangkok! Spend the day however you want it. If you have no idea how to spend the day, try the following recommendations which are, absolutely, must-visit in Bangkok:
    • Ban Khun Mae Restaurant - try the famous hot pot, Tom Yum Goong, at the Bhan Khun Mae Restaurant.
    • Patpong Night Market - make your way through this night market and see where your expertise in bargaining take you.
    • Mango Tango - taste the famous mango sticky rice in Bangkok, especially in Mango Tango.
    • Khao San Road - if you have that extrovert vibe, Khao San Road is the place to be. Meet backpackers from around the globe, gulp in alcohol in buckets, literally.
    • Chatuchak Weekend Market - If this day happens to be a weekend, never miss a visit in Chatuchak where you can haggle your way through and shop to your heart's content.
    • Siam Niramit -  an 80-minute show. Yes, that long, but you wouldn't say so when you get to see the stage and the performance.
    • Thai cooking class - As you may have tasted the eccentric flavor of Thai food, this trip will help you learn how to cook your own. Best part is, you will receive a certificate and an apron (Chef-worthy, maybe!) as a souvenir of this experience. Take it home, chef!


    Day 7

    No place like home

    Make sure you bring the good memories home!
    Check out from the hotel.
    The tour guide will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to the airport so you can catch your flight back home.
    *The above itinerary and schedule may be changed according to weather and road conditions.

    Package Add-On

    ** DollarQuantityTotal(Rp)Total($)
    Lunch per serveRp100,000 $6
    Insurance (per person)Rp250,000 $14.73
    Total Cost :
    Taxes and Service Fee (10%) :
    Total Price :


    Meeting Points

    • Day 1 Bali Airport
    • Day 2 Hotel
    • Day 3 Hotel
    • Day 4 Hotel
    • Day 5 Hotel
    • Day 6 Hotel
    • Day 7 Hotel



    Tour Inclusions:

    • Hotel Accommodation
    • Private transportation from Day 1 to Day 7
    • Tour guide
    • Water Taxi Fare


    • Meals
    • Entrance Fees
    • Airfare
    *The hotel price is for 2 people standard and there is an extra bed that is cost half price of the hotel. The tour will be charged per-adult and per-children accordingly
    *Child discount pertains to children 12 years of age and younger
    *Prices in US Dollar and Reminbi are subject to change without notice as the exchange rates fluctuate.
    *This package includes all entry tickets to tourist destinations, domestic travels, hotel stays (if applicable) and a tour guide.
    *By booking a tour package with us, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions
    * Pricing in US dollar and the RMB are subject to currency exchange rate fluctuation

    Please contact us for private tour pricing.


    Hotel Options

    Please email us at customerservice@tourfrombali.com for special requests on booking the hotel of your choice, otherwise we’ll choose one of the 4-5 stars hotels below for you.


    Komaneka at Bisma
    Padma Resort Legian
    Maca Villas and Spa



    Mandarin Oriental
    The Siam
    Le Meridien
    St Regis
    SO Sofitel Bangkok



    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    •  Bali Safari and Marine Park
    • Ubud Art Market
    • Uluwatu Temple
    • Geko Dive
    • Bangkok Grand Palace Tour
    • Wat Pho
    • Temple of the Reclining Buddha
    • Wat Arun
    • Ban Khun Mae Restaurant
    • Patpong Night Market
    • Mango Tango
    • Khao San Road
    • Chatuckak Weekend Market
    • Siam Niramit


    Friendly Reminders

    1. The itinerary and travel schedule stated in this page is for reference only, appropriate and reasonable adjustment may be made based on the actual traveling and/or weather condition.
    2. Please be mindful of local laws and regulations, as well as your personal safety.
    3. The pricing may vary based on the total number of people in the tour. You may request minor changes in destinations.
    4. In accordance with the provisions of the existing tourism operations, the Company reserves the right to adjust the size of the tour and may adjust the number of people in each tour on a case by case basis.
    5. Please be mindful of your valuables, avoid placing or leaving your valuables in your luggage or hotel room. The Company and the traveling agency are not responsible for any personal belongings of the guest.
    6. Please get familiar with the emergency exist locations upon checking in a hotel, should any incident occur, please keep calm and use the emergency exits. Please use the lock buckle in your room for your safety, smoking is prohibited in the hotels.
    7. Please only use the hotel pool during the opening hour, the hotel and the traveling agency are not responsible for any incidents occur outside of opening hours.
    8. Please wear a life jacket when engaging in any water activities or on board of a ship, boat, canoe. Please ensure your personal health and conditions allow you to engage in water activities. People with pregnancy, heart disease, high blood pressure, along with seniors and small children; are not to engage in any water activities as well as other extreme sports activities. The traveling agency is not responsible for any incident during the activities involving personal health conditions.
    9. Please refrain yourself from all prohibited activities outside the tour such as taking photos of the wildlife, playing with wild animals. Please follow the trainer's instructions carefully to avoid incidents. In the unfortunate event of diarrhea, please inform the tour guide or group leader immediately and do not attempt to obtain any medication on your own.
    10. Local regulation, "Travel Law" stipulates the traveler can not leave the tour. All unauthorized removal from the tour will face legal consequence.
    11. Please confirm your preference of bed size and number of people at the time of booking.
    12. The default class of all hotel rooms in the tour is the standard room. You may be refunded in the case of war, strikes, earthquakes and manpower shortage, etc. No refund will be issued for any breach in the agreement, airfare, cancellation of the tour due to personal reasons or visa problems. Hotel fees, car rentals and other expenses for the tour are non-refundable.

    (1) In case of changes in ticket prices, the differences should be paid by the traveler. In accordance with the regulation, group tickets can not be altered.

    (2) In accordance with the regulation, in case of changes in ticket prices for entries of destinations, the differences should be paid by the traveler.

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