Welcome to Palembang, the city of sport. Famously known as the host of 2011 SEA Games, Palembang is waiting for you to discover its charms. Our Palembang travel packages are designed flexibly to accommodate all needs.

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Depart : Palembang, Indonesia
Journey : 5 days
Destination : Palembang, Indonesia
Languanges : Chinese, English
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Tour Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival
Since you have finished your long journey, indulge yourself in the selections of world class hotels located in the city center. There are no activities for today, however you can go to Palembang Icon, a luxury retail place for a quick shopping trip.


Day 2 – City Tours
Duration: 09.00 – 20.00

Today we will be visiting Palembang’s famous landmarks.

We will go to Sultan Agung Mahmud Badaruddin Mosque, the largest mosque in Palembang. This mosque has unique architecture, since it combined Chinese, European, and Indonesia’s elements. For women, it is advisable to bring head scarf for covering the hair when entering into this mosque.

Then we continue to the Monument of Struggle of Palembangnese or Monpera, as memorial of fighters who were battling the colonialism of Dutch for 5 days and 5 nights. Not far from the monument, there is Sultan Badaruddin II Museum. The construction has not been changed since the beginning.

Then, we will have lunch in Pempek Lala to try some of Palembang’s local delicacies. Pempek is a traditional fish cake made from grounded fish meats, flour, and water. It is usually served with sweet spicy soy sauce named as cuko. For dessert, es kacang merah (red bean shaved ice) will end your thirst despite the striking hot weather.

While waiting the sun goes down, we will spend some time to Kuto Besak Fort. This fort was used as the base for Indonesian warriors to fight against the Dutch colonialist. From the fort, you can see hundreds of sailboats passing over in the busy Musi River.

From KutoBesak, we will take a boat ride to exploring Musi River.  Then we will take a stop to Kemaro Island, which located in the middle of the river. The island is a home to an ancient temple and 9-stories pagoda.

Next, we will go back to the port and enjoying the view of Ampera Bridge luminous lights after the sunset. If you are looking souvenirs, you can find many shop vendors around the bridge area. The trip ends with dinner at Chinese Restaurant or hotel.


Day 3 - Tournament Watching Day
Duration: 09.00 – 19.00

Today’s activities are going to be spend in Jakabaring Sport City. We will drop you in the morning to Jakabaring Sport City so you won’t be late to watch your favorite tournaments live. In Jakabaring, there are 15 main sport venues including Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium, which held to be one of the largest international stadium in Indonesia. If it is possible, we can also arrange a behind-the-scene tour to know more about how the event is organized. Our transportation will be ready to pick you up based on your request. Dinner at Indonesian Restaurant or hotel.


Day 4 – Culinary and Shopping Trip
Duration: 08.00 – 18.00

Do you think Palembang only famous for its pempek? Well, you got it wrong. Starting from breakfast to dinner, we will visit local food vendors to discover the real Palembang food scene. Our professional food guide is ready to liven up your appetite.

In the morning, Pasar Kuto Market is the first destination to go where you can see how local people enjoy their daily activities. Drinking coffee is a habit that most Palembang people do. We will start our breakfast at Warung Kopi H Madina, trying its famous Laksoand aromatic Mandalingcoffee. Lakso is a rice noodle poured with savory coconut milk sauce. It will keep you energized for the whole day. There are also traditional dessert snacks around the market for anyone who wants to have quick bites.

After feeling full enough, we will take a ride with becak (traditional bicycle rickshaw) to  Tanjung Tunpung. Located only two kilometers from the town center, TanjungTunpung is the home to local songket sarongs industry. Songket is a kind of fabric that has colorful patterns and originally from South Sumatera. Their songket collections feature lots of variations, from scarf to exclusive sarongs. It is a great place to buy some souvenirs for your beloved ones.

Next, we will go to visit Kampung Arab AL Munawar (Arab Village) that situated on the side of Musi River. Kampung Arab is a small village which had existed for 200 years.  People who live there are mostly Moslems, where the women are not allowed to get married with someone outside the village. Until now, the houses and buildings in Arab Villages still remain the same, but they had been renovated and decorated with bright color.

From Kampung Arab, we will also take a short visit to Kampung Kapitan (Kapitan Village).  The name ‘Kapitan’ comes from the name of a Chinese merchant who had came to Palembang during Sriwijaya kingdom. He started a family, and nowadays his descendants are living in here, forming distinctive cultures. At last, we will visit Kampung Firma, a local Palembang Village to see Palembang traditional house and their antique industry.

Since it is our last night in Palembang, we will have feast dinner in floating restaurant nearby the Musi river.

Day 5Departure
Duration: 08.00 – 12.00

In the morning, we will take you to visit Pasar Cinde( Cinde Market). There are many kinds of stuffs offered in this market as souvenirs, especially the food. We recommend you to buy kemplang, (shrimp cracker) and different kinds of uncooked pempek since the food can last for months.

Then before leaving Palembang, we will learn something more to remember Palembang. We will go to the Balaputeradewa Museum, to know about Palembang’s historical roots. In the past, Palembang was the capital city of Sriwijaya kingdom, the largest Buddhism learning center in Asia. Many people especially from China were used to come to Palembang for learning Buddhism, and because of it Palembang cultures are heavily influenced with China.

Thank you for your participation during this trip. We hope you enjoy exploring the Palembang city. See you in another time!




Package Add-On

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Lunch per serveRp100,000 $6
Insurance (per person)Rp250,000 $14.73
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Meetin Point

Day 1 - Airport   Day 2 - Hotel
Day 3 - Hotel
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HotelIDR 2.301.000RMB 1.198USD 175
AdultIDR 1.887.000RMB 985USD 145

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*Prices in US Dollar and RMB are subject to change without notice as the exchange rates fluctuate.
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If you had a preferred hotel, please let us know by emailing us at customerservice@tourfrombali.com, if not, we will select a 5 star hotel for you

Aryaduta Palembang 5-stars Hotel  *Standard occupancy of a hotel room is 2 adults, with maximum occupancy being 3 adults with additional cost, the prices listed are by hotel room. Please select the number of rooms needed and occupancy in each room at booking, the system will automatically calculate the total cost of the package.

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Friendly Reminders

1. The itinerary and travel schedule stated in this page is for reference only, appropriate and reasonable adjustment may be made based on the actual traveling and/or weather condition.
2. Please be mindful of local laws and regulations, as well as your personal safety.
3. The pricing may vary based on the total number of people in the tour. You may request minor changes in destinations.
4. In accordance with the provisions of the existing tourism operations, the Company reserves the right to adjust the size of the tour and may adjust the number of people in each tour on a case by case basis.
5. Please be mindful of your valuables, avoid placing or leaving your valuables in your luggage or hotel room. The Company and the traveling agency are not responsible for any personal belongings of the guest.
6. Please get familiar with the emergency exist locations upon checking in a hotel, should any incident occur, please keep calm and use the emergency exits. Please use the lock buckle in your room for your safety, smoking is prohibited in the hotels.
7. Please only use the hotel pool during the opening hour, the hotel and the traveling agency are not responsible for any incidents occur outside of opening hours.
8. Please wear a life jacket when engaging in any water activities or on board of a ship, boat, canoe. Please ensure your personal health and conditions allow you to engage in water activities. People with pregnancy, heart disease, high blood pressure, along with seniors and small children; are not to engage in any water activities as well as other extreme sports activities. The traveling agency is not responsible for any incident during the activities involving personal health conditions.
9. Please refrain yourself from all prohibited activities outside the tour such as taking photos of the wildlife, playing with wild animals. Please follow the trainer's instructions carefully to avoid incidents. In the unfortunate event of diarrhea, please inform the tour guide or group leader immediately and do not attempt to obtain any medication on your own.
10. Local regulation, "Travel Law" stipulates the traveler cannot leave the tour. All unauthorized removal from the tour will face legal consequence.
11. Please confirm your preference of bed size and number of people at the time of booking.
12. The default class of all hotel rooms in the tour is the standard room. You may be refunded in the case of war, strikes, earthquakes and manpower shortage, etc. No refund will be issued for any breach in the agreement, airfare, cancellation of the tour due to personal reasons or visa problems. Hotel fees, car rentals and other expenses for the tour are non-refundable.
13. The package includes all transportation within the tour, hotel accommodation, and tour guide. All dining and relevant fees, and entry fees to any tourist destination are excluded and have to be paid at the time of entry and/or dining.
14. All transportation arrangements are shared transportation, for private transportation arrangement, please contact us for further assistance.

(1) In accordance with the regulation, in case of changes in ticket prices for entries of destinations, the differences should be paid by the traveler.

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