Authentic Spa in Bali

In Bali, reservations are needed for Spas with higher quality. Even if for those with low prices, not in 5-star hotels, reservations are also necessary as long as they have their own fixed customer resources.


As a popular holiday destination, Bali owns innumerable Spa treatment centers, some of which are in luxurious 5-star hotel, while some feature beautiful scenery so that Spa and fine view can be enjoyed at the same time. Now, Tour from Bali want to introduce you an authentic and critically acclaimed by both local people and tourists from all over the world Spa center named Luna Spa. With friendly price and authentic service, the Spa will make you feel relaxed and refreshing within a few hours during your unfettered and happy trip.


It is an authentic Spa center located in Bali. Since most of the customers are local residents and returned tourists, the rate of frequent visitors is very high. Its friendly price attracts many travelers to come back to it every day during their short holiday. Services includes authentic massage manipulation of Bali, Foot health massage, Hot stone massage, Exfoliator of body, Facials, Manicures, and Hair treatment, etc.


Without large storefront and luxurious decorations, but the Spa has a lot of loyal customers. If you want to experience some relaxed time in your vocation in Bali, we provide reservation service of the Spa.


Services Prices
Authentic Massage Manipulation of Bali$ 5.5
Foot Health Massage$ 5
Hot Stone Massage$ 8
Exfoliator of Body$ 6
Facials$ 5
Manicures$ 4.5
Hair Treatments Shower$ 6


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