5 Extraordinary Things to do on a Bali Vacation

Bali is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Indonesia; whoever comes here, get mesmerized by its breathtaking beauty. Every corner of this island is mesmerizing and feels delightful to the senses. Bali is a perfect travel destination for newlyweds and couples. Come to Bali and let your love flourish at the serene beauty of lush green landscapes. If you thinking of planning a Bali travel, then get ready to be surprised, there are many stops in Bali that are still unexplored.

Other than exotic beaches, you have a variety of activities to do in Bali that makes your holiday routine more interesting. From testing your courage across deep ravines, a visit to the island of dead or simply enjoying the strangest villas, gear up for experiencing these five exciting suggestions.

Do you have any bucket list? No. here we are giving you suggestions to add to your list

1. Explore the edge at One Eighty’s cliff infinity pool

cliff infinity pool

Infinite pools are amazing, gives you a full view of nature. Here we are talking about Bali’s infinity pools. A crystal blue=glass bottomed infinity pool overlooking the Indian ocean stretches all the way out from the cliff 500 feet high. Experience floating in mid-air with the sweeping waves crushing beneath you. Isn’t’ therapeutic?

2. Touch the sky at Munduk Moding Plantation

Munduk Moding Plantation

Have you always dreamed of reaching the sky? Designed by an award-winning architect Popo Danes, Munduk moding plantation is a sea of cloud that covers the covering coffee plantation in the area. You can explore it from your room, open the glass panel to take the breathtaking view of coffee plantation shaded by the sea of clouds.

3. View the tallest volcano at Villa sidemen

tallest volcano at Villa sidemen

Did you ever think of viewing a volcano? Bali not only inhibits pristine beaches but it is the most popular sites of volcanoes. active and extinct volcanoes. Die intro dramatic views of volcanoes at Villa sideman. Here you are treated with the majestic view of Bali’s tallest volcano-Mount Agung. With the large windows. You are sure to enjoy massive volcano sites.

4. Fly above the lake at Puncak Danau

Puncak Danau

this is for a daring heart, of the infinity pool is not thrilling to you then swing in birds nest just above the lake and landscapes. You have never dreamed of swing above the beach. Explore the Puncak Danau lake by swinging above it. The whimsical swing hands from a huge, sturdy tree but swing out at your own risk. Be careful while swinging,

5. Beautiful tree house

tree house

This amazing treehouse is the latest addition to the island, offering stunning sights of the dramatic Balinese landscape. Once you are up in the treehouse, you will see beautiful sights. The tree house has a ladder, so you don’t have to climb it. Just bring a picnic and make it a stunning top tree. Feel like capture this moment?

These are a few sights out of hundreds that you must explore when you visit Bali, Indonesia. If you are planning a trip, then do your proper research and build your personal itinerary. Good luck to all travellers, planning or explore Bali in current times

Planning Bali Vacations? Explore These Five Extraordinary Sites

Bali has many extraordinary sights that are unlikely to see elsewhere around the world. Recognized for its lush green landscapes and exotic beaches, you may have not fully explored this enchanting destination on a Bali vacation. There are some sights in Bali that may not be covered in Bali vacation packages due to it’s unpopularity. So if you are the adventure soul, explore those mysterious destinations too.

More you dig in, more you discover a mysterious Bali. You might want to split away from the confines and usual offering of five starts resonators, seek out the unknown. Yes, Bail is not fully discovered yet, whenever you get a chance to visit bail, don’t forget to explore those not-so-popular destinations. Discovering Bali is a fantastic experience and also satisfies your curiosity with our top 5 most unusual and odd places to visit in Bali

1. The Ghost Town of Taman Festival Bali

Taman Festival Bali

Bali has a haunted ghost town located on the Padanggalak beach. This is located on a remote coast far away from the main Sanur hub. The isolated entrance gates, ticket booths, empty cafeterias and deteriorated buildings. All give a feeling of a haunted destination. You can ask the locals to know if the places still open or not.

2. Balinese cooking classes

Balinese cooking classes

It comes to no surprises that cooking is one of the favorites to do while travelling. Tourists are usually suggested by the locals to join cooking classes to explore exotic culinary of Bali.

3. The ‘Bat cave’ temple

Goa Lawah

Bali is famous for temples and monuments and Goa Lawah is one of the majestic Hindu temples that you must visit. The majestic temple was built in the 11 the century, the best time to visit it during dusk when hoarders of nectar bats swarm the skies over the temple. If you are a religious soul then you must visit the temple when they celebrate temple anniversaries and the place becomes truly exotic with pilgrims thronging in temple prayers.

4. Lost plane site

bali plane

We all are intrigued to see the lost plane structures in the isolated areas. Bali has one. If you are passing through Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai from the airport towards Nusa Dua, keep your attention to the left. There is a 500 m bizarre old white boiling 737 is parked in a yard. The plan now just lying there as a nice candy for passersby.

5. Giri Putri temple

Giri Putri

The temple is one of Nusa Penida island’s major attractions. The entrance is narrow in a rock face. You will need to stoop down to be able to enter the temple. You will discover a massive courtyard. And the floorings inside the cave are made of white marble. This site is perfect for a cultural exploration.

Bali is one of the fantastic destinations for vacations. Try to experience it in a whole new way when you are on a Bali travel. Opt for a different approach for exploring hidden corners of Bali.

Five Unique Bali Experiences with MICE Planner

Unique Bali Experiences – A land of exotic beaches, temples and serene landscapes. Yes, we are talking about Bali, a paradise on earth for many. Bali is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia that are declared world’s most popular destination as well. People hover to Bali experience serene beauty and some water adventures it offers.

After exploring Bali exotic life, there are many other activities that you can do which are not so popular among worldwide. It is time to do unusual things that you have never heard of. Yes, today we are going to talk about those five unique Bali experiences that will take you wonderful, bizarre abodes and one of a kind restaurants and other activities that you may not find anywhere else in the world. However, first you should take a look why you need to travel Bali this year.

Besides, temples and beaches, there is a lot to explore this mysterious island. So if you are lucky enough to stay in Bali, make the most of it by exploring other non-commercialised sites of Bali. Mice events organise corporate events in Bali, so if you are planning an event, do refer mice planner team for amazing planning and arrangement at the paradise.

Meet with sharks

bali sharks

Sounds scary? Yes, this is one of the unusual things to do in Bali. When you are in Bali, swim with amazing sharks, which is one more unusual activity to do in Bali. Explore the aquatic life and get a chance to swirl around with black and white tip sharks.

Get refreshed at Waterbom

waterbom bali

It must include in your itinerary, which is a heart beating adventure of Bali. Waterbom currently tops the best waterpark in Asia and number 5 among all waterparks in the world. How about playing games with sharks?

Laugh in enchanting yoga sessions

yoga bali

Laughing is good for health. This common saying is the mantra for the eccentric yoga sessions in Amber Ashram. Join laughing sessions in a spiritual environment of the ashram. And experience serene vibes of the place. Some of the best resorts offer such sessions so get ready to laugh.

Remind childhood with Balinese mud games

mud games Bali

Set your inner child free by playing mud games in Bali. Mepantigan is a traditional game of Bali, which people enjoy playing out in the muddy fields. Mud games are not much popular around the world, so this will be a fantastic experience for you on Bali trip.

Explore organic farms

organic farms

The island is filled with lush green forests and landscapes. Take a visit to organic farms where can spend a few hours exploring herbs and spices. Giving you the chance to taste and smell all nature’s gifts in the purest forms

Bali is known for its amazing hotels and exotic beaches, all blended with lush vegetarian and dreamy nature. Counted among the popular nature-inspired nations in the world, Bali has a lot of activities that you may have never heard of before. For making the best out of your stay, experience these unusual activities that will give you a memorable experience of your life.

How Bali Travel Can Lead you Towards Peace? Best Destination to Travel

Bali Travel:-  Bali is among the best islands of Indonesia. It offers you a range of activities to make your stay a memorable experience of your life. There are so many diverse reasons to visit Bali, and its natural beauty is one of them. It would take a whole day to describe this serene destination. Plus, if you are planning to visit Bali, don’t forget to find 5 reason for why you should visit Bali.

What do you think of Bali and Bali Travel? Island of gods or a place close to paradise. Bali is indeed one of the exotic destinations on the planet. This place is filled with surreal beauty that makes you fall in love with it the very first time you visit it. It offers incredible adventures that you had never experienced before like surfing, Bali does have something for everyone. So what are you thinking? Let’s dive into Bali’s experiences.

Range of experiences

Range of experiences

Bali offers unforgettable experiences to you. Besides surfing, there a lot to explore in Bali, Indonesia like you can explore temples, rafting and fishing, waterfall and local sightseeing options.  Not only adventures activities, if you are more of a peace lover, then you can sit back and enjoy spa services provided by resorts and hotels.

An established thrive culture

An established thrive culture

People come from all over the world to enjoy these fantastic waves. If you are a die-hard adventure by heart, then there is a good chance of learning surfing in a Professional manner. In a peaceful atmosphere of Bali, you can learn surfing from the professional instructors and the destination has also become an institution for surfing.

Romantic date nights

Romantic date nights

Bali is the best destination for couples. You can plan romantic getaway without burning your pocket. Bali has so much offer to the couples, especially when hotels are concerned about giving couples a pleasant experience in Bali.

Bali Travel is Affordable 

Bali is affordable, and Indonesia ranked among the cheapest destination in a recent study by cheap flights. You can book stay according to your taste and budget. Moreover, Bali offers more options for accommodation than before. So don’t worry, if you were thinking of the planned  trip to Bali.

So much to discover

So much to discover

Just like any other nature-inspired places, you can still explore and discover more. You need to move out of your pleasure zone. Try exploring the island hot springs or mystery boulder beach. Once you are out there, you will recognize the importance of exploring no some commercial places at popular destinations.

It’s time to discuss food

It’s time to discuss food

Bali is hot to a world’s leading restaurants which promise to give you an exotic culinary experience. To get started with, you can visit family-friendly restaurants, excellent beach clubs and other decent dining options in Bali.

Explore beyond islands

Explore beyond islands

If you have been to Bali, you must have explored commercialized places of Bali. However, many places are just off Bali. Some of them are Nusa Lembongan, Nusa cunningham, and Gili islands. It is gaining popularity among tourists and new travelers of Bali. You can view amazing scenery, Komodo dragons and only 90 min by plane from Bali, there is another hot tip from the travel experts.


Five reasons why should you visit Bali, Indonesia this year

Why you should visit Bali? – Bali is one of the most exotic destinations in the world, which offers almost everything you would like to experience on a romantic getaway. Known for serene beaches and forests, Bali serves the perfect getaway for couples and newlywed lovebirds. Whether it is a honeymoon or romantic escape, Bali is just a perfect destination to explore with your better half. So there is no doubt why Bali is called; Lovers paradise by the renowned explorers. If you are planning a Bali vacation then, take note of some of the best experiences that you can have.

Among the more than 17000 islands in Indonesia, Bali still tops regarding most favorable exotic tourist destinations around the world. There are countless tropical destinations, but millions dream of visiting Bali Indonesia once in a lifetime, and that is due to its mesmerizing beauty.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Bali.

Beautiful beaches

beautiful Bali beaches

Stunning beaches of Bali is probably the foremost reason to visit this destination. Each beach has its charm, soft white sand and limestone cliffs to extreme water sports and diving. If you are thinking of going Bali, Indonesia then you will love the beaches.

Enchanting religious atmosphere

Why you should visit Bali

Balis are spiritual people and very cultured too. You will encounter households furnished with a small temple. You will join temple tours at Bali that are popular among tourists not only due to religious values but for aesthetic pleasure. You will experience soul-southing vibes at the grand temples constructed on the mountains. Just don’t miss the temples.

Endless adventures

Adventure in Bali

If you are an adventurous soul, then there is a lot of activities for you in Bali. Bali have the most popular surfing sports that you must explore with family and friends. The destination has a fantastic Aling-Aling waterfall, the best place to cherish natural beauty of Bali.

Mesmerizing nature

Bali nature view

Bali has every kind of natural beauty that we desire to explore at such destinations. Bali has so much to over to the nature lovers. If you are one of them, you cannot just stop cherishing lush greenery. Scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens and many more gifts of mother nature

Wonderful stay

Wonderful stay at Bali on Vacation

Accommodation is one of the primary concern for tourists. Don’t worry, Bali has everything for you. From lavish resorts to budget hotels, you can find a pleasant accommodation quickly depending on your needs and budget. Many hotels have spectacular swimming and infinity pools.

When it comes to food, Bali offers interesting traditional recipes that give your taste buds a unique taste blend with traditions of bali.you can find these meals on stress or at excellent dining restaurants. Many international chefs are working in Bali to give you the best culinary experience of your life.

A trip to Bali is indeed the fantastic journey of your life. For making it unforgettable, you can contact tours operators. They will fix everything for you, and you can experience the best time of your life without any difficulties. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore world’s most beautiful nature-inspired destination.

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