What To Explore The Most with Bali Travel Packages?

When we talk about Bali in terms of traveling, no doubt the beauty of the place is spellbound. Also, the beaches of the places add glory to its beauty. Other than that, the pristine and serene nature of the place, attractive wild and marine life, different varieties of food, uncounted places to travel, large and magnificent temples, unique culture, places to shop, amazing hospitality and many more other things add a reason why we should go and explore Bali.

The easy, convenient, affordable, and comfortable trip to Bali can be made possible with the help of excellent Bali tour packages by TourFromBali.com. In this article, you will be knowing what to explore the most when in Bali.

Bali travel packages: Flowers No Doubt Fantasize People With Their Freshness And Fragrance

Flowers undoubtedly have made the world a better place to live in. Wherever we see a flower all bloomed, it’s beauty attract us towards it and there comes a sudden change in our mood. If you are thinking about traveling to Bali, do never miss to admire the nature flowers there. There are so many different varieties of flowers that grow in Bali. They all, unlike other flowers, possess some unique characteristics.

Different Kinds Of Flowers That Grow In Bali, Indonesia

flower Bali

The various Bali flowers that help add glory to its beauty have their names as;

    1. Teratai
    1. Frangipani
    1. Hibiscus
    1. Heliconia
    1. Thunbergia
    1. Anthurium
    1. Orchid
    1. Pachystachys
    1. Adenium
    1. Bougainvillea
  1. Champaca

Frangipani is used by all the Balinese to for offerings in the temples and also for extended headdresses in dances which are traditional. The flower blooms in three colors – cream, lemon, and pink. Also, Bali travel packages by Tour From Bali, will make it less stressful for you to know what places to explore the most, at what price and why.

Bali Travel Packages Offers Mouthwatering Food

These days every other person calls himself foodie. And why not? There are large varieties of food available not only at a particular place but all over the world. Indonesia is among one such place. While exploring the other things in Indonesia, food is a must explore. The most interesting, delicious, exotic and must try foods in Bali includes :

    1. Nasi Goreng
    1. Lawar
    1. Traditional Cakes and desserts
    1. Tahu and Tempe
    1. Bebek and Ayam Batutu
    1. Babi Guling
    1. Jimbaran Seafood
    1. Pepes and Tum
    1. the Sate (Satay) varieties
  1. Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur

Explore Bali Events by Bali travel packages

Perang pandan festival 2018

Apart from that, there are various festivals and events that take place in Bali. Some of the Bali events include the:

    1. Tumpek Kandang
    1. Tumpek Landep
    1. Nyepi Day of Silence and Seclusion Saka New Year 1940
    1. Omed-Omedan
    1. Chinese new year in Bali
    1. Pengrupukan New Year’s Eve of the Saka Calendar
    1. Day after Nyepi
    1. ‘festival of splashes and smooches, Pagerwesi
    1. Tumpek Wayang
    1. Melasti Pilgrimages
  1. Ngembak Geni

There are many more apart from the ones listed above. Attending events, exploring food, flowers, islands, marine life, wildlife, nature, and temples becomes easy with the help of Bali tour packages. If you are planning a trip to Bali Indonesia, we suggest you tour on a package.


Why Bali Holidays are the best things to plan for your family?

Spending good time together is very important for a family and there is nothing better than taking family holidays. It brings the whole family together, enhances the bonds between the family members and ensures that they create memories that will always leave a mark in their life. If you do agree with then you must choose for Bali Holidays. This is the best way of making your family enjoy some sweet time together.
However, you might be thinking why to choose Bali for a family vacation. Scroll down and you will learn what makes Bali special for your family to spend time together and how you can have a great time.

Why Choose Bali Holidays for a family vacation?

Bali is not just a famous place for honeymooners, but also for Bali meetings. Here people plan a business meeting, friends get together and what not. Despite saying this, it is important to highlight that among all these Bali is a favorite option for people with family. There are innumerable reasons for this. Here, some of the important ones have been discussed and these are:

Bali Holidays are Full of Adventure

One of the major reasons why Bali is considered a favorite destination for families is that it offers umpteen options for adventurous activities, such as surfing, countryside cycling, white water rafting, etc. Kids love doing all this with their parents. The best thing about participating in Bali adventurous activities is that it is handled by experienced professionals. This means you and your family is in safe hands.

Offers Delicious Cuisines

It’s time to discuss food

Usually, when you move out with kids, you are worried about their health, as they do not get to eat proper food. However, when you are in Bali, you do not have to worry about it. You can easily get here all types of cuisines, local, continental, etc. You can also get your kids to relish some local fresh and healthy fruits.

Vast Variety of Flora and Fauna

flower Bali

It is important to make your children see what nature has to offer. The best way to do so is to select Bali Holidays. This way you get to introduce your kids with a variety of flora and fauna that will bring them closer to nature and they will learn to see the world beyond the walls of concrete and mortar.

Food and Lodging is Cheap

The cost of hotels and food is cheaper yet the quality is quite high. You can get good hotels at an affordable price here. You just need to look for Bali hotels and you will get the best options online.

If you are planning to go on a family tour, then Bali holidays are one of the best options for you. Choose Bali as your destination and you will have a great time with your spouse and children.

Why is Bali best destination for a business meeting? Explore about Bali Meetings

If you are a businessman and planning to have a business meeting then Bali is a perfect destination for this. Bali meetings are one of the best ways to seal the deal. Although Bali is more famous for honeymooners things are changing now. These days many of the businessmen try to choose Bali for business meetings.
There are many reasons for this. Some of this has been discussed here. If you are interested in knowing about it, then you must scroll down to learn the benefits of choosing Bali for business meetings.

Bali Meetings Keeps You Energetic

Ultra Bali DJ

The energy that you get in Bali is full of positivity. Perhaps that is why it Bali makes you feel energetic. Unlike, any other destination, Bali is a place that offers you peace of mind which makes the dealings merrier for you.

It is Safe

Bali zoo tour

Safety is an important point that you need to consider before finalizing any business meet destination. That is why it is important to select a place which is safe and secure. As a holiday destination, Bali is quite a safe place. This means when you plan a business meeting in Bali you do not have to worry about your security. You just need to look for a good Bali hotel and make a trip to Bali.

Good Food Put More Impression in Bali Meetings

Another thing that makes Bali a good option for you is its food. You can find amazing cuisines in Bali both local and continental. You do not have to worry when planning a business trip to Bali, as it will unveil to you healthy and tasty food. This is one of the reasons why Bali holidays are so popular among all types of people.

Amazing Tourist Spots while you are planning Bali meetings

In Bali, there are many tourist spots, which means with your business meet you can also spend some quality time alone. You can visit some famous tourist places here. These places can give you a pleasant feeling. Whether you like temples or beaches, you can visit both while you are wrapping up your business deals.

Business Opportunities through Bali Meetings

In Bali, you can also look for different business opportunities. This is a land which offers you a plethora of business ideas that you can pursue. Once you are clear about the idea, you may start a new business or can spend money on local Bali business opportunities.


In a nutshell, one can say that the Bali Meetings are a good option for you. You can select Bali as a destination for your business trip. Definitely, it will help you in making some good deals. It is in the ambiance of Bali that things turn in your favor.

Plan a Bali Travel and enjoy your life to the fullest with Adventurous Activities

Take a break from your monotonous life with Bali Travel. This will let you see the other side of the world, which is free from the cacophonous sound of your city traffic. Home to different cultural traditions and myriad fauna and flora, Bali opens to you a gateway of enjoyment full of thrill. Get in touch with any reputed Bali Tour and travel company to start your voyage to one of Indonesia’s most famous province and island Bali.

There are many things that you can do here. However, one thing that can really fill your life with zeal and pump your heart with electrifying nerves is Bali Adventure.

Hereby, some of the most interesting and adventurous things have been discussed that you can do in Bali. These are:

Bali Travel is Quite Famous for Scuba Diving

You must have seen people doing it on TV and movies, but have you ever done it yourself? If not, then this time go for it. Bali is a place where you have some of the pristine beaches that offer you best locations for scuba diving, such as Tulamben, Padang Bai, and Sanur. Just wrap yourself in a diving suit and see what lies deep down. Do not worry if you are a novice, you can find most experienced scuba instructors here who can take care of your safety.

Cycling Yet Another Amazing Perk with Bali Travel

If you are fond of cycling, then you must opt for Bali Vacations. Here, you can enjoy your ride in the countryside and see why Bali is considered one of the best tourist spots in Indonesia. Moving ahead on the diverging lanes emerging between bamboos and applying a brake to your cycle to take a break in the local village eatery houses will definitely make you fall in love with Bali.

Bali Tours Allows You to Experience Surfing

Does surfing appeal to you? If yes, then what you are waiting for. Get up, pack your bag and go for Bali tour. This is the perfect time to enjoy surfing in Bali. You can enjoy surfing between the month April and October and make the best of your trip to Bali. There are many areas that are famous for surfing in Bali, such as Canggu, Nusa Lembongan, and Bingin. The waves of Bali beaches are friendly to anxious newcomers to professional surfers.

These are just a few things you can enjoy far more daring things than this by choosing Bali Adventure. You just need to select best Bali Travel to refresh your boring life and then fill it with positive energy.

Bali – a destination of enjoyment and not just a Honeymoon Spot

Are you planning a vacation? If yes, then you must look for Bali Tour, as Bali is not only a place which is perfect for newlyweds. It is also a good option for those who want to spend their holidays with their family. In fact, it is one of the best places for foodies, spiritualists, culture enthusiasts, peace lovers as well as adventure lovers. Without wasting more time, it is better to see what Bali has to offer to all these people.

Bali Tours Are Full of Adventurers

Bali Surf 2

Life is nothing, but an adventure of unfolding mysterious things. Bali is a place that will make you understand the importance of this sentence. Bali Adventure can make you understand thrill in reality. You can do a variety of adventurous activities here, such as surfing, scuba diving, countryside cycling, volcano trekking, white water rafting, cliff jumping, and many other interesting things.

Bali Tour is the Best Option for Food Lovers

It’s time to discuss food

If you are a foodie, then Bali Vacations is going to bring a broad smile on your face. Whether it is local or continental cuisines, you get all at an affordable price. Seafood is amazing here and you can also relish backwater fish here in Bali.


Land of beautiful temples, Bali Travel will make you understand your life. Hindu Gods temples are quite popular here and you will also get pleasure in watching Balinese architecture of these temples. The most popular temples are – Taman Ayun Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Tanah lot, Tirta Empul, Pura Besakih, Goa Gajah, etc.

Experience Culture Enthusiasts with Bali Tours

An established thrive culture

If you strive to learn new cultures and its traditions, then Bali Tour is the perfect option for you. The Bali mythology, wood paintings, weavings, Kecak fire dance, and many other alluring things can give you an amazing experience of the tour.

Peace Lovers Must Grab Bali Tour Package

If you are seeking peace, then Bali can help you with this. It is a place that offers you to sit in the lap of nature and view the beauty of nature. Here, you get natural tranquilizers that can bring serenity into your life.

Newly Weds

Definitely, there is no better place than Bali to spend quality time with your spouse. Bali is the land of happiness that brings conjugal felicity in your life from the start with the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. You can take a luxury sailing catamaran cruise and relieve your stress in the arms of your beloved. Whether you are a retired couple or a middle-aged couple, you will be able to revive your love here in Bali.


Bali is a land that offers love and bliss to everyone who comes here. Therefore, plan Bali tour and see how a few days in Bali can improve your life by pumping positivity in it.

Bali Travel: Explore the Island of Gods

Bali has so much to offer to its travelers. With its coral speckled beaches, luscious green rice terraces or blissful seas, Bali has been considering a heaven on earth. This is a land of Balinese who are cultured, devoted to their rituals and very hospitable people. Whether you are planning the adventure of a lifetime or seeking relaxation, Bali is just the perfect place for you. Here are ten tips you can follow to make most of Bali travel. Whether you are travelling on honeymoon, or family or friends, there is bound to something exceptional waiting for you at this island of god. Don’t forget to include these amazing experiences in your Bali tour packages.

Hidden waterfall in Tegenungan

Bali waterfall

This secretive waterfall is located at Tegenungan which is among the popular tourist places in Bali. Bali has a selection of waterfall that are amazing to explore. Many tourists flocks to Bali to experience its amazing natural beauty and a hidden waterfall is one of its marvels. Must visit this miraculous waterfall whenever you visit Bali

Sunday beach club restaurant

Sunday beach club restaurant

Everyday feels like Sunday here. This is an amazing stretch of white sandy beach located at Bukit peninsula. It offers a memorable experience to the tourists. You can relax and listen to the cool tunes while enjoying Balinese service. It is also famous for its versatile culinary. You can enjoy amazing cuisines while relaxing at the beach. Have light snacks, international menus and everything you desire to satiate your cravings. If you are planning an official trip to Bali then always consult renowned Bali event company for safe and budget travel.

Bali zoo tour

Bali zoo tour

We all like to play with cute animals and exploring flora and fauna. Explore a journey through wildlife of Bali. at the Bali, getting zoological is not about having exotic animals in ECO friendly habitants nor is it only about allowing guest to be interactive. You can actually play with the animals in zoo, explore a wide range of spices and get a chance to meet bears, tigers and other beautiful animals.For Bali Zoo, being Zoological is part of our process for creating places and spaces for animals and our guests to enjoy the interaction and connection we have with all.

Padang Padang beach

Padang Padang beach

The beach is only accessible for few flights. This is an amazing beach offers a great view and small sandy area for sunbathing and doing just nothing. This beach is located near uluwatu temple, if you happen to visit the temple, don;t miss to explore this exotic white sand beach. It is a nice stopover.across the beach there is a spacious parking lot as well.

Underwater scooter drive

Underwater scooter drive

Did you ever thought of driving a scooter under the water? Now this is really possible, grab the opportunity when you are in Bali. Experience the underwater world of the Indian ocean. If oceans fantasies you this is a trip for you. You only need to seat on the scooter, relax and enjoy the underwater world.

The most unique experiences in Bali

Bali is undoubtedly one of the amazing destinations on earth. From serene beaches to exotic islands, you can’t get enough of Bali. Bali is a popular island of Indonesia which is also known as islands of gods. Bali has so much to offers to its travellers. Starting from Diving, trekking, yoga sessions, there are many other activities to do when you are in the ball. If you happen to go on an official trip to Bali, contact Bali Event Organizer for safer and budget travel.

So, let talk about those not-so-popular activities that is sure to dazzle your adventurous soul. If you are going Bali during the winter season which is, of course, the best time to explore this exotic destination. So, here are some unique experiences to explore in Bali

Flying high


Imagine flying above the smoking volcanoes, cascading terraces, mountains and ancient temples. Bali has this unique experience stored for the adventure lovers. Air Bali has been offering flying experiences since 20 years. It provides visitors with a wonderful experience of flying above the exotic island by taking them on aerial tours in their top of the line helicopters, offers panoramic views of the island. You can opt for scenic day trips, sundowners flight and private tours on Air Bali,

Explore Bali on a bike

bali on bike

Bali always surprises you with its unique experiences. If you love bike riding then this is the place for you. Rent a bicycle in Nusa Dua, and ride along the beach. You can peddle through beaches, exploring people having massages in the luxury gazebo or you can drive down to Nusa Dua peninsula, there are a lot of options to explore on a bike. Bali is a great destination for conferences as well, prefer Indonesia event organizer if you happen to organise events in Bali,

Relax at a luxury villa

bali villas

If you are seeking some luxury stay, book a stay at exotic resorts of Bali and you have many options to choose from. You can’t imagine the luxury of these resorts, you will have your own bedroom villa that has beach access and a private pool. This is the perfect place to create some memorable moments with your better half.

Take a sip of the world’s expensive coffee

bali coffee

This might interests you if you are a diehard coffee lover. Civet coffee or kopi luwak is considered world’s most expensive coffee. This is due to its amazing production process. You can find coffee in many areas of Bali. how about taking a sip of civet coffee at beautiful beaches of Bali. Sounds amazing, isn’t?

Explore the history of Bali

Bali is a Hindu country where people are devoted towards their thousands year old culture. As you enter Bali, you will encounter temples that are similar to Indian temples. Don’t forget to visit Uluwatu temple, where you can catch monkeys and witness Balinese dance performances at sunset on the same trip. The temple is located on a cliff bank in the south part of Bali. another amazing temple is Hertha goes, a popular historical site in Dimapur town. The temple is famous for its ceilings painted with beautiful colours.

Tour from Bali Offers Franchise Program

Sub Head Lines

Franchise program becomes popular nowadays. In the same trend travel and Tour Company named “Tour from Bali” offers worldwide franchise program. People can take the program and sell packages to the traveler from anywhere in the world. Selling packages one can make good amount of income per month.

May 02, 2018

Tour from Bali has several features in their platform to provide best services to the customers. Their best feature is they are capable to manage your package wherever you are travelling form. And to make the feature more active and dynamic they offer people to get franchise. In their franchise program anyone will take their franchise from anywhere in the world. The company will commit the digital marketing campaign for the customer under franchise. They allow people who buy their franchise to use their brand value. Even the company has expert team to deal the customer comes from the seller invitation.

This platform has amazing chatting option where customer can chat with the franchise holder through their QQ chat tool. The QQ chat tool works by providing franchise holder a list of leads from the website to deal with customer. Customers will usually add to the site on QQ then start asking questions.

Upon customers question to the seller will automatically redirect to the related page of the website from where he can know the issue that customer wants to know. He also can share the link to the customer to educate him or her about the whole tour packages. There is another option also; the customer will get notification as per the referral of the seller that which area the customer usually wants to know about.

Their seller royalty is also very much rational and demanding. The seller will get 4% royalty of every sale they made. Usually the company gross profit comes from 10% to 15% each year. Based on this range seller can take home 6% to 11% worth of the income. They have maintained an escrow account in the site. $200 will be stored in the escrow account which will get released after every $1000 sales.

Basically, it is a way to earn money online. As people can use the brand from anywhere in this world about travelling they can also make money from home. Just use referral to the people who want to go visit Indonesia and earn money giving tour amazing packages of tour from Bali.

About Tour from Bali:

‘Tour from Bali’ works as a platform for booking cheap Indonesia and Bali tour. It is based on the possibility that travelers in Indonesia choose commonly first land in Bali to start their trip through Indonesia. They have very good specialists to have looked through the nation to locate the best and most reasonable visits and exercises that will suit all the movement needs.

Perang Pandan Festival 2018, Honoring the God of War


  • A Unique cultural event to be held in Bali on 8-30 june
  • Young men fight a battle to tribute the god of war
  • In the end, they smear natural medicines on wounds and eat together on banana leaves

The word Perang means war and pandan is dedicated to the pandanus leaves which they use as a weapon to fight. Perang festival is all about giving tribute to the god of war by enjoying the battle with each other. They even get wounds from fights but enjoy it fully. The Perang pandan is also known as the dance of war. The war is a symbol of power, dominance and strength over enemies.

Balinese are known for their cultures and thousands of old year rituals. Perang pandan is an age-old traditional festival which is dedicated to the Hindu of war and the sky, Indra. All male villagers about each other armed with a small shield and a tied packet of thorny pandan leaves in the other hand. The village is located in east Bali which comprises of two sub-villages, Daud Tukad and pegringsingan. The other village is known for its amazing heritage geringsing double ikat, cloth where females of village wear as part of family regalia during performing rituals. The festival is celebrated in the months of June and July. The special area is build up, villagers decorate their houses and girls drive large man powered wooden swings as part of rituals.

Tenganasese men dress traditional with bare chest and headband, use thorny pandanus as their weapon for the battle and a rattan woven for the protection. The ritual starts with gamelan music named selonding, musical instrument that is played. The pandan ceremony starts with praying at the temple and go on with circling around the village and having a traditional fermented drink called ‘tuak.

The motive of this ceremony is to give tribute to the gods of war by fighting a battle. Around this time, the main arena is packed with young boys and young men take turns in pairs to fight, inflicting their bodies with lashes from the leaves and sharp thorns. They get injured but not even a single contestant shows pain. Wounds are treated with natural medicines like herbs, turmeric and vinegar mix and which does magical to the wounds, dry up in minutes.

At the end of the battle, they smear the scratches and wound with turmeric and vinegar as part of a ritual. They all sit together to dine on banana leaves and laugh and giggle together at the end.

Image Source: Unknown.

Bali Travel is Just Unforgettable

So, you might have heard some interesting stories about Bali, like it’s exotic beaches, thrilling adventures and serene landscapes, after hearing this now you must be dreaming of a Bali travel and some of you have already contacted tour and travel Bali. So many people dream about Bali travel, but not many make it there. People have different experiences in Bali, some are mesmerized by the beaches, and some love the nightlife life there. Whatever reason you have, Bali is much more than beaches, bars, temples, and caves. Yes, it sounds like a mysterious island, isn’t? let’s know more about Bali

The flavorful Indonesian food


Bali is the perfect place to explore everything you desire on vacation. From waterfalls to temples, it has everything for everyone. Bali is also known for its appetizing Indonesian cuisines which are tasty, vibrant and full of flavors. Do visit local eateries of your Bali tour to explore the rich taste of Indonesian food. If you’re a Bali beginner try beef rendang, nasi goreng, nasi campur, chicken satay and Gado Gado.

The culture of Balinese

bali culture

If you like to explore different cultures while traveling, Bali is just perfect for you. The Balinese culture is influenced by its history and the arrival of merchant vessels from different countries. Bali, the best island of Indonesia is famous for a variety of things like art, culture, dance, and costumes. Bali is known to have Indian origin as well which makes this island land of temples.

The nightlife

bali nightlife

Besides the natural beauty of Bali, it is also famous for its fantastic nightlife. You will encounter thrilling nights at one of the Bar of Bali, filled with dancers, live music and DJ performing on rooftops clubs like potato head beach in Seminyak, one of the best clubs with sunset views on the roof.

The Bali adventurers

beauty of bali

Bali is a haven for adventurous souls, from surfing to fitness, it has everything to offer. You can experience some of the best activities in Bali like scuba diving, snorkel through coral gardens, traditional glass boats or catch a surf break. If it’s not enough, you can go for climbing to the summit of Mount Batur and witness volcanoes.

The Balinese handicraft

bali handicraft

Indonesia produces terrific handicrafts, wood carvings, and artwork. You can explore and purchase it throughout the country. How about buying a piece of rich Balinese for your loved one?

The Balinese people

bali people

Your journey is incomplete you don’t interact with the local people. There are many things you can explore by interacting with the locals. The bits and bots of the local language will ultimately enhance your experience.

The natural beauty of Bali

bali nature

Bali is undoubtedly best destination for nature lovers. Local surroundings of these islands are so mesmerizing and delightful to eyes. Lush waterfalls, high jungle ranges, soaring volcanoes, evergreen rice paddies, freshwater streams, Monkey temples, hidden cliff face beaches, infinity pools – the list goes on.

The diving

bali diving

You don’t visit Bali without dabbling in some world-class diving & snorkeling. Whether you want to pick up a new skill or test your level of endurance – this is the place to do it.

So what are you waiting for just book your Bali Tour from Tourfrombali.com and let us make your vacationing much better.


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