★ ★ ★ The Safari Tour That Awakens Your Inner Indiana Jones ★ ★ ★

★ Cruising through the beautiful Bali landscape in A Jeep

★ A Night Safari like No Other!

★ Lunch with a Sighting – You’re Only One Glass Away from the Safari!

★ Batur Vulcano and Lava Field on a Jeep!

★ Thousand Year-Old Village Temple – Batuan


There is probably no such thing as too much leisure, but do you ever find yourself longing for something a little bit more….  Indiana Jones? Between the luxurious five star hotels, spas, and white sand beaches, we thought you might be interested in something a little different!

Hop on a Jeep with us and let us take you on a ride, taking the roads less traveled, seeing Bali in a brand new perspective that will help you and your friends and family make memories that are going to last a life time!

A little bit of backroad, a little bit of culture, and a whole lot of natures. We have carefully crafted this tour to keep everything in a nice balance that everyone can enjoy and appreciate, suitable for couples, families, or just you and your buddies.

    Depart : Bali, Indonesia
    Destination : Bali, Indonesia
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    Day 1

    Cruising Through Central Bali in a Jeep!

    Itinerary Summary
    7:00 Hotel Pick-Up
    Thousand Year-Old Village Temple – Batuan
    Ubud Artist Village
    Backroad to the Holy Springs of Gunung Kawi Sebatu
    Batur volcano
    Batur Caldera and its Lava Fields
    Unspoiled Villages and Spice Plantation

    The day starts bright and early, we will pick you up with a Jeep and start the day with a visit to Thousand Year-Old Village Temple – Batuan, famous for its beautiful carvings, and an iconic architecture.

    Next stop is the famous artist village in Ubud, followed by a backroad ride to the holy springs of Gunung Kawi Sebatu, one of the most unique temples in Bali.

    After visiting the holy springs, you’ll be making your way to Kintamani, where the prehistoric Batur volcano awaits, you’ll also drive into the old Batur caldera and check out those black lava fields.

    After an entire morning of cruising around, a nice, relaxing lunch will be served at a local restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Balinese cuisine.

    In the afternoon, you’ll be driven through the most untouched villages in the hill areas to see the local culture up close and personal, the day will be wrapped up with a spice plantation and test taste the famous Balinese coffee and tea.


    Day 2

    The Safari Adventure!

    Itinerary Summary
    10:30 Hotel Pick-Up
    Bali Safari & Marine Park
    Lunch at the Park – Enjoy your lunch in the Safari
    Elephant Back Safari
    Water Park Fun Zone
    Night Safari

    After an action-packed first day, we’ll leave you a little bit more time to sleep in and enjoy that hotel breakfast everyone is a fan of. Our driver will pick you up at 10:30 and take you to Bali Safari & Marine Park where you’ll spend a wonderful, entertaining day in.

    First after getting to know a bit about the park, we’ll start with the important stuff – lunch; but not just any lunch, you’ll be enjoying lunch at Tsavo Lion Fine Dining Restaurant.

    Tsavo Lion Fine Dining Restaurant is the first African themed restaurant, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow you to be right in the middle of the Safari while you enjoy the international cuisine. In fact, this restaurant is located right by the lion’s exhibition area, diners often see lions enjoying themselves nearby.

    After lunch, you’ll get to start your first Safari on the back of an elephant, regardless if you’ve ridden on an elephant before, the Safari setting guarantees an unforgettable experience!

    We know being under the hot Bali sun for a Safari should be immediately followed by some cooling down, which is why the next stop is the marine park of the facilities on site, have yourself a nice afternoon of splashing fun!

    And when it comes the sunset, it’d soon also be time for a night Safari, one of the most popular and unique Bali experience. The very well organized night Safari allows you to see the animals in the moonlights, and still get close enough to them in a safe environment to get the Safari feel.

    *The above itinerary and schedule may be changed according to weather and road conditions.
    *The package pricing includes all transportation within the tour, hotel stays (if applicable) and a tour guide, package does not include any dining/meal and relevant fees or entry fees to any tourist destination. If dining arrangement is mentioned in itinerary, please keep in mind that the expenses are excluded in package prices.
    * All transportation arrangements are shared transportation, to arrange private transportation, please contact us for further assistance.
    *Our tour guide and drivers work hard to ensure you have a great experience, please be reminded that tips for them are not included in package price.

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    Lunch per serveRp100,000 $6
    Insurance (per person)Rp250,000 $14.73
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    *Child discount pertains to children 12 years of age and younger

    *Prices in US Dollar and Reminbi are subject to change without notice as the exchange rates fluctuate.

    *The package includes all transportation within the tour, hotel stays (if applicable) and a tour guide, package does not include any dining/meal and relevant fees or entry fees to any tourist destination.

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    *Standard occupancy of a hotel room is 2 adults, with maximum occupancy being 3 adults with additional cost, the prices listed are by hotel room. Please select the number of rooms needed and occupancy in each room at booking, the system will automatically calculate the total cost of the package.

    Please contact us for private tour pricing.


    Hotel Options

    If you had a preferred hotel, please let us know by emailing us at customerservice@tourfrombali.com, if not, we will select a 4-5 star hotel for you from the following list:

    *Standard occupancy of a hotel room is 2 adults, with maximum occupancy being 3 adults with additional cost, the prices listed are by hotel room. Please select the number of rooms needed and occupancy in each room at booking, the system will automatically calculate the total cost of the package.


    Friendly Reminders

    1. The itinerary and travel schedule stated in this page is for reference only, appropriate and reasonable adjustment may be made based on the actual traveling and/or weather condition.
    2. Please be mindful of local laws and regulations, as well as your personal safety.
    3. The pricing may vary based on the total number of people in the tour. You may request minor changes in destinations.
    4. In accordance with the provisions of the existing tourism operations, the Company reserves the right to adjust the size of the tour and may adjust the number of people in each tour on a case by case basis.
    5. Please be mindful of your valuables, avoid placing or leaving your valuables in your luggage or hotel room. The Company and the traveling agency are not responsible for any personal belongings of the guest.
    6. Please get familiar with the emergency exist locations upon checking in a hotel, should any incident occur, please keep calm and use the emergency exits. Please use the lock buckle in your room for your safety, smoking is prohibited in the hotels.
    7. Please only use the hotel pool during the opening hour, the hotel and the traveling agency are not responsible for any incidents occur outside of opening hours.
    8. Please wear a life jacket when engaging in any water activities or on board of a ship, boat, canoe. Please ensure your personal health and conditions allow you to engage in water activities. People with pregnancy, heart disease, high blood pressure, along with seniors and small children; are not to engage in any water activities as well as other extreme sports activities. The traveling agency is not responsible for any incident during the activities involving personal health conditions.
    9. Please refrain yourself from all prohibited activities outside the tour such as taking photos of the wildlife, playing with wild animals. Please follow the trainer's instructions carefully to avoid incidents. In the unfortunate event of diarrhea, please inform the tour guide or group leader immediately and do not attempt to obtain any medication on your own.
    10. Local regulation, "Travel Law" stipulates the traveler cannot leave the tour. All unauthorized removal from the tour will face legal consequence.
    11. Please confirm your preference of bed size and number of people at the time of booking.
    12. The default class of all hotel rooms in the tour is the standard room. You may be refunded in the case of war, strikes, earthquakes and manpower shortage, etc. No refund will be issued for any breach in the agreement, airfare, cancellation of the tour due to personal reasons or visa problems. Hotel fees, car rentals and other expenses for the tour are non-refundable.
    13. The package includes all transportation within the tour, hotel accommodation, and tour guide. All dining and relevant fees, and entry fees to any tourist destination are excluded and have to be paid at the time of entry and/or dining.
    14. All transportation arrangements are shared transportation, for private transportation arrangement, please contact us for further assistance.

    (1) In accordance with the regulation, in case of changes in ticket prices for entries of destinations, the differences should be paid by the traveler.

    Please read our complete terms and conditions here.

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