3 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Trip to Indonesia


There are plenty of trips that will help you to prepare your trip to Indonesia. Coming to the country of 100 islands means that you will have tons to do, but don’t leave yet before you fully read what we have prepared for you about the essential things to prepare before your trip. We will go fast and share you 3 essential tips …

Tip 1: Do your research


If you are coming to Indonesia for a short vacation, look first on the Internet which places you want to visit to avoid spending too much commuting time rather than enjoying the place itself. You can Google it first or have  guide books read to help you to plan your trip. If you have an Indonesian friend then it will be way easier for you as you can have someone assisting you locally to plan your trip and the places to visit. Also, don’t forget about the rainy season, you surely don’t want to end up spending your holidays indoor instead of enjoying the beautiful nature.

Tip 2: Come to Indonesia for education


Coming to Indonesia for education is a good idea. There are hundreds of students studying in Indonesia every year, thanks to scholarships or exchange students. While studying you can also go around Indonesia and it is even better because you have plenty time to visit local places that are maybe not even listed in guide books. The majority of foreign exchange students who explore most of the part of Indonesia say that it leaves a totally different feeling than what the normal tourist would experience

Tip 3: Bring some medicine from home


Medicine should be prepared at home. If you have a specific health problem  we suggest you prepare your personal medicines from home to avoid the hassle of finding the exact medicine. It is indeed true that Indonesia has many International Hospitals, but isn’t it easier to have your own medicine to avoid spending your holiday in the hospital?

These are some tips you can use during your travel to Indonesia. However,  do not hesitate to ask a local person if you encounter any difficulties. Indonesians are very kind and helpful. You will find it weird in the beginning that those people don’t even ask for anything in return but you need to get used to it and learn how to say thank you in their language. The more you learn about the language and the people, the more you will learn about Indonesia. The language will address you to a better understanding of the values, morals, and traditions. While getting to know the people, you will understand better the personality and their lifestyle.

People asking about your religion and your family is not taboo, there is nothing particularly taboo to ask, yet you need to know to whom you are talking to and what his their position in the society.

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