3 Reasons to Travel to Bali


Sometimes referred to as the Island of Peace and the Island of the Gods, Bali is a spectacular island that should be high on your bucket list. The Indonesian island is located at the westernmost part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and has everything you’d expect from a tropical destination and so much more. Along with its stunning coastline and year-round warmth and sun, Bali is known for its magnificent volcanic mountains, vibrant coral reefs, unique culture and friendly locales.

While there are countless reasons why you should travel to Bali, I’ve highlighted three big ones. Also be sure to check out our Bali tours and Indonesia tour packages at TourFromBali.com.


Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Picturesque beaches are key to any island destination, and Bali sure delivers. The island has many beautiful beaches, perfect for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing, and in the evening you can watch the phenomenal sunsets. Along with pristine beaches, you can also explore Bali’s forested volcanoes, magnificent crater lakes, cascading waterfalls, sacred caves, and scenic rice fields.

Extremely Friendly Locales

Many times in prime tourist destinations, the locals appear annoyed with the massive influx of tourists. Bali is not like those other places. The people of Bali are some of the friendliest and most pleasant people in the world, who welcome tourists with open arms. The Balinese are a major part of what makes traveling to Bali so special.



Unique Culture

Bali has a rich culture, which is unique from the neighboring Indonesian islands. All of Indonesia was once mostly Hindu and Buddhist, but today Bali is the only island that’s predominantly Hindu. Hinduism in Bali has animist influences, which makes it unique from Hinduism in India. Religion plays a major role in the family and daily life of the Balinese, and that influence extends to everything from art and dance to food and dress. It’s not uncommon to see locals beautifully dressed heading to the Hindu temple for a ceremony.

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