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According to the bureau of statistics in Jakarta, Indonesia recorded a large number of foreign tourists since April 2016 with an increase of 14%, whereas there was only a 8.96% rise of tourists last month. The tourism industry in Indonesia is going pretty well these last few years, and the last figures are confirming this trend.

The report underlined a slight increase with around 811,233 tourists coming in Indonesia in April, compared with the 806,118 visitors in March 2016.

There were 901,095 tourists in Indonesia in April, including those going through the country to neighboring countries like Malaysia or Singapore or foreign people with work permit for less than a year. People are coming from all around, from China to Germany and contribute to the local economy.

The reason of this success


Indonesia has over 18,000 islands lost in the South-East Asia, where we can find some of the most popular and breathtaking scenes in the world. From Bali to Borneo to Ubud and the different things you can do there, this is the perfect spot for relaxing and having some good time. Whether for couples, or adventurous people, the activities you will find there are quite diversified. Apart the sightseeing spots to do once there, you can do some physical activities with mountain hiking and rafting, or even taking part of the Indonesian culture and the Balinese culinary for instance, among many other activities. This richness of its culture and the landscapes you will find there can explain why the Indonesian tourism has such a success nowadays.

The Indonesian government would like to develop further the tourism sector in order to reduce the country’s dependency on exports. In facts, Indonesia would like to double the current amount of tourists in the country by 2019, and reach more than 20 million tourists a year.

Indonesia is determined to achieve this goal, and diversify the tourism activity in the country. It has for instance allowed foreigners to get ownership in tourism business in the country, while it was reserved for local people these last few years. The government is taking some measures to reach these figures and support the tourism economy.

Some doubts for the future


However, the Indonesian tourism is facing some other issues regarding the boom of the tourism. The degradation of natural sites and the absence of the government to monitor this growth could affect the Indonesian tourism and the life for the locals in a near future. The country has shut down some scuba-diving spots for an undefined period of time because of the mass tourism, and plan to do so for some other sites. The degradation of the natural Indonesian eco-system is a major issue, but there are other concerns about the boom of the tourism in Indonesia. The lack of infrastructures and rules make the tourism hard to control. The appearance of unauthorized speedboats is creating more sea accidents and this is also something for the government to take care about.

The government plan to have a larger development of the tourism, but it needs to prepare and guide this growth through measures to both preserve the local life and the Indonesian environment, as well as protecting the tourists coming in the country for vacation.

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