5 Crazy Things You Need to Do in Indonesia


Talking about doing crazy things in Indonesia is like making a deal with a dealer that can make you do unimaginable things all at once. You need to have courage in your heart if you really want to visit Indonesia to do crazy things. Here are some examples of crazy things you need to try in Indonesia that you would never find it back in your home country.

1. Bajak Sawah

This is the activity in which you will try to dig the soil in the rice field with the help of a big bull. Do not worry about being the next bullfighter, the bull is tame and it will help you to moisture the muddy soil to help the farmer plant the rice. If you come back without being full of mud from head to toe, it means you didn’t have enough fun with the bull!

2. Sambal Challenge

Sambal or chili in Indonesia is the pulse of Indonesian eating attitude. Indonesians do not eat without sambals, but you may find it too spicy and may suffer from a stomach ache after eating it, but that’s the challenge. Try to eat spicy food like sambals and see if you can bear the spice. You will feel literally hot and will sweat a lot!

3. Bargain in Local Market

Another simple but yet difficult thing to do for the untrained tourist is to deal and bargain prices in the local market. Maybe you don’t dare to bargain because you don’t know how to do it or you simply don’t know the price, but it is something you still should try because it is entirely part of the Asian culture. If you can have it half price, you win!

4. Hot spring Challenge

In Central Java, there is the Slamet Mountain which lays marvelous 7 hot springs that pour hundreds of cubic water every second. The challenge will be to find the hidden hot springs and to take a bath right under it. Having your body poured in hundreds of cubic of water is something different! No fun if you do not fall asleep under it. Why? Do it and you’ll find out.

5. Climb the tallest and biggest mountain in Java


This challenge is not for everyone since only some people may have the ability to climb mountain and be ready for it, but if you want to travel to Indonesia and enjoy the beauty nature of Java, you should climb the biggest mountain in Java, Mt. Slamet and the highest mountain in Java which is Mt. Merapi. Both are still active and erupted sometimes within a year, but you can always check the time when it is allowed to climb them.
Still there are many crazy things that you can see,  taste, and experience in the land of thousands of islands, but at least try those 5 before you try anything else. What is the point of traveling if your heart beats just normally? Fell some adrenaline in Indonesia and see where it takes you!

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