5 Reasons You’ll Love Bali


As expected from the island of Gods, Bali offers you many things. It has its own character which makes people from all around the world consider the island as their haven to do R&R. What about you? Supposing that you had never thought about traveling to Bali before, these five things will make you fall in love with Bali, here they are …

Seasons in Bali

• Even though there are two different seasons the dry season and the wet season, Bali is sunny all year. If you decide to go there during the wet season, it doesn’t mean that it will be raining all day long. It is possible that the rain will pour only at night, so you can have fun during the day and be adventurous. So to speak, it is not raining every day.


Enjoy the beach


• The beaches are heaven. Bali has stunning beaches that anyone would adore. In addition, you can do many things there. Feel the unique atmosphere like admiring the beauty of the sunset together while enjoying the famous local dance called Kecak. This authentic feeling, you can only get it in Bali.

Warm local Balinese


Another reason why anyone will effortlessly fall in love with Bali is the hospitality of the local Balinese people. Nowadays, it is really hard to find such a place where modernity and tradition live both in harmony. They are opened to new things but still stay humble and stick to traditional wisdom. Balinese always saw festivals and rituals as a vital part of their life. They celebrate and respect life in many ways. If you want to make friends there or at least you want to communicate with the locals, unlike other places you ever visited, it will be very easy to start a conversation.

Some other pieces of information

The fact is, five points are not enough to describe why so many people simply love Bali, so I am going to give you two other reasons. For the rest, you will have the opportunity to experience it yourself. Anyway, those two things are:

• Cheap prices. Even if it does depends on where your country of origin,  prices in Bali are still generally affordable. Thence, if you are looking for a budget friendly vacation, Bali is a great destination, and will even get a whole package of amenities. First, beautiful surroundings, and second affordable. And who would dislike the idea of getting more for a cheaper price? You will love it, everybody loves it.
• Distinctive culture. Bali is a place where tradition is still around, where the people still respect and celebrate any aspect of their life with festivals and rituals. However, somehow, you can’t witness those rituals and festivals if you pick the wrong days to visit Bali, but the chance to witness those things are wider than you think.

But you know what, the explanation will be pointless if you can’t experience it by yourself. You may fall in love with the island by only reading the reasons why you need to be there.

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