5 Things First-Time Traveler need To Know Before Going To Bali


From a busy city to a place looking like a fairy tale, you can enjoy a range of activities in Bali. But you know what? With a lack of anticipation as well as preparation, it sounds like mission impossible to enjoy truly enjoy this city. Don’t worry, I will share with you some tips that will help you to make the best out your trip to Bali.

Find a place to stay


After you’ll be done with your basic preparation (packing your luggage, etc.), you should first think about where you will stay in Bali. Start by thinking about what you are looking to get out of your trip to Bali. If you want to enjoy freedom and solitude, then look for a place far from the city. The same thing applies if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious food. How do you want to spend your time in Bali?

What about food?

Secondly, based on what you’ve heard previously from people who already visited Bali, they may have had warned you about:

• The food: most of the food is very toxic, not to mention meat products. Even if you chose to eat salad or sliced fruits. However, don’t worry, it’s gotten a lot better and it’s not the case anymore. The food quality has upgraded, so you can rest assured.
• The things that you should be wary about are foods like arak or street foods. I am not trying to say that you should never eat these foods, I just prefer simply to warn you about potential risks of eating them.
• Considering the weather, keep your body hydrated so that you don’t get any issues to wander around the island.

Beware of dress codes


Thirdly, if you think Bali means you can wear fewer clothes, then think again. Okay, it’s in a certain aspect true, however, you will have to pay attention to a set of ” terms and conditions”

• You have freedom to wear anything you want while spending your time at beach
• You should consider following a dress code while entering certain bars or restaurants if you don’t want to experience an embarrassment moment when visiting these specific places with a dress code.
• Do you want to visit a temple? Then be aware of what you wear. That place is sacred, you need to respect, or else you will be asked to stay outside …

Research local events and then, schedule your trip


Now that you know about the dress code, let’s talk about the fourth tip: plan your trip carefully. It is not only related to the weather but you need to consider whether it is a good thing to spend your time there in a rainy season or dry season. There are also some sacred days like Nyepi when all of the activity are cut down, even the airport. Inform also yourself about rituals which may take place during your visit to Bali. For some reason, the road could be blocked in the name of the ritual.

Learn some local words and expressions

Finally, my fifth tip. It would be easier for you to communicate or to blend with local people if you want to learn about the lingo. Start with simple and easy expressions such as:

• Good morning : selamat pagi
• Thank you : terima kasih
• Please : tolong

Now that you have them, you just have to practice those simple three words which are not that difficult. Oh! Also, if you want to learn more words and expressions go ahead! It will be very appreciated by local Balinese.


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