5 Tips if You Want to Travel to Indonesia


Far from exaggerating the so well-known list of places you must visit before you die, we dare to say that Indonesia should be on the list. For what reason is that? If you are a person who wants to see far beyond what TV says, you should really put it on your priority list. Some reasons that Indonesia is worth visit are the beautiful scenery, hidden beauty, tasty food, humble and generous people, and the coffee is worth a try. Living and visiting are totally different experiences, but if you really going to travel to Indonesia for your next trip, here are some tips you will need.

Indonesia is not just Bali and Jakarta

For goodness sake, if you only see Indonesia by the landscape of Jakarta and Bali, you may find more disappointment in the end of your trip, but take a look a little deeper and further than that and you will see what your tourist guide book never showed you. Waterfalls, hot springs, traditional foods, fabrics, and the most interesting part, the people and culture. Look further, and gain more experience in Indonesia

Sun cream is a must


Estimating that you will land in Jakarta which the normal temperature in May – September is around 31-36 degrees during the day and around 27 in the night. You don’t want to get all red in a day, right? So getting your sun cream is beyond important. You can buy them in a local pharmacy that has international brands. But don’t take any risk, prepare it from home.

Learn some local expression of Indonesia

You will see that it makes a huge difference with your interactions with shop employees when they know you can speak a bit of Bahasa Indonesia. Try to learn to say “selamat Pagi” (good morning), “Terima Kasih” (thank you), and “tolong” (please). Indonesians are well known for being super humble and friendly people but once you say something in Bahasa, you are a family! That’s legit. Especially in a typical small city or village.

Respect the culture


Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world,  the learning, and values of Islam are deeply rooted in the Indonesian culture which is actually based in Hinduism and Buddhism. So, if you plan to visit some places like Mosques, temples, churches, and shrines, get yourself a sarong (which is cheap and easy to carry) or wear at least short pants and a t-shirt. Do not expect people to welcome you warmly if you come with less than that.

Ask if you don’t know the direction

As Indonesians are very friendly and helpful, if you do not know the direction or simply feel lost, do not hesitate to ask the local how to get to the place that you are heading to. Shall you always have a small book with a pen so the locals can draw you the direction when they cannot speak English?

Those are some basic things you need to know before coming to Indonesia. Culture, food, people, and scenery are waiting for you in the land of thousands of islands.

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