6 Tips You Need to Know Before Going to Indonesia


Preparing to go to Indonesia for holidays is fun. Whether you are coming as a solo traveler, couple travelers, or for a family trip, do not forget that you should plan everything you can in order to avoid issues and confusion during the trip. A good preparation will help you to have a nice vacation and a well-managed budget, especially if you are a student and on a budget. Now we will give you some advice if you are coming to Indonesia as a budget traveler.

Tip 1: Visa regulations …


Don’t pay to get a visa thanks to the 30 days visa waiver regulation dedicated to 45 countries. Since March 2015, every tourist who comes to Indonesia will have a free 30 days stay visa to visit Indonesia. You will save energy and time. So just  get your travel itinerary (if you have one), grab your backpack, and go to the arrival gate. It saves you $ 35 as it was the previous visa price applied upon arrival.

Tip 2: When you arrive at the airport …

jakarta airpot

Take the Bus Damri from the airport to the city. If you land in Jakarta and are thinking about staying in the city for a day or two, you surely do not want to spend your first half million rupiahs for a taxi . So take instead the Bus Damri (government-subsidized bus)) to the city center Monas. It will cost you  only 40.000 IDR ($ 4 or 5). Super cheap compared to the taxi for which you may end up paying $ 50.

Tip 3: Save on accommodation


As a budget traveler, you need to know where you want to sleep and how much it is going to cost you. Know your daily spending and how to manage your daily expenses. Hotel rooms can cost you around $ 20-35 per night depending on the comfort of the room. However, if you find a B&B hotel with your budget, it is usually priced reasonably starting from $ 9 per night.

Tip 4: Rely on public transportations in Jakarta!

Yes, it will be crowded during peak hours like in the morning and afternoon, but it is still pretty nice and you can take them to go around the city (for example, the Bus Transjakart). You will need to go to the station to buy the ticket,which is by the way, very cheap.

Tip 5: Don’t get stolen


Be careful of pickpockets. Just like in any big cities there are many pick pockets all along the way during your stay in Jakarta. You better organise your money and put your wallet in a small bag you will always carry with you. It will help you to keep your money safe and to lose your cash without noticing it.

Tip 6: Eat good but cheap local food


Being the budget traveler, you also need to know which food are very cheap in Indonesia. You can have a simple full plate for only $ 1-2 per meal. Unless you eat at a fancy restaurant or a nice coffee shop, you will save a lot of money on food there. Try to always have a bottle of water with you and a small sandwich when you go out for a long time. Bringing a bento wouldn’t hurt either and will help you to save even more money.

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