5 travel tips you should consider when visiting Bali


Preparing for your next vacation in Bali is not that much if you have some information about the place you are going to visit right before you land there. Anyway, those who simply go to Bali for the very first time, right down the following travel tips, you won’t regret it. When it comes to traveling to a particular place for vacation, it is not only about where to stay, things to buy. There are other things to consider so don’t skip these travel tips.  First, unless you have a friend who is ready to drive you anywhere you want, consider this:

Tip 1: Choose the right transportation

  • To reach a certain location in Bali, you can easily rent a motorbike. Fortunately, it is cost effective. But when you choose this option and are planning on doing some adventure in secluded places of Bali, you may encounter some difficulties when looking for gas stations. However, don’t worry there are people on the street who sell yellow liquid in a vodka bottle. It is actually gasoline, so don’t mistake it with vodka or else you may get a bit ill …
  • Taking a cab is another option to visit Bali. It is not super cheap but it’s still affordable.
  • Hiring a driver is another option you could use. Again, you will find this option pretty affordable.

Tip 2 : Do you love to eat ?


Secondly, if you are a culinary traveler, Bali is heaven. Not only because of the variety of delicious foods but also because it’s cheap. So yes, you will have a lot of fun over there.

Tip 3: Check the weather forecast …

Thirdly, don’t forget to check the weather before visiting Bali. Be aware of the hottest month during the dry season. If you are travelling during that specific season, here a some tips for you:

  • Bring with you some sunscreen with a high level of SPF or the sun may just eat your skin …  The sun is so strong that it may damage badly your skin if there is no protection on it.
  • Stay hydrated, you need to drink a lot and a lot of water, just in case you don’t expect something unnecessary occurs to you. However, if you do love Bali, avoid drinking water from plastic bottles as it will help in reducing plastic waste that easily pile-up.

Tip 4: Be aware of the Bali Belly


Fourthly, have you ever heard about the “Bali Belly”? It is an illness involving your digestive system. It’s caused by the food you have eaten or drinks you have taken. To avoid this Bali Belly to happen to you, just pay attention to where you are eating (clean, etc.). Supposing that you want to enjoy street food, make sure you choose a good place.

Tip 5: Don’t touch animals randomly


The last tip, you may be an animal lover, but while you spend your time in Bali, you can’t simply come to them to hold them to show your love. It doesn’t apply to all animals, but when it comes to stray or wild animals, they can be very dangerous. Don’t forget about monkeys that are ready to steal your food at any time.


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