6 amazing figures about Indonesia


Forget about other destinations. Indonesia is more amazing than anything you could imagine. The proof is in 6 figures.

255 million people: The government estimates Indonesia’s total population to be around 255 million. It is the world’s fourth most populous country. Over 50% of its population lives on the Island of Java. With over 141 million habitants, Java is the most populous island in the world. In addition, 8 million Indonesians are living overseas!

18,000 Islands: The Indonesian archipelago has between 15,000 and 18,000 Islands. It’s the largest island country by the number of islands. Less than 50% of the islands have been named, according to estimates made by the government of Indonesia. Nearly 1000 of them are permanently inhabited.


18,000 Islands In Indonesia

4,884 metres: With an altitude of 4,884 metres, Puncay Jaya is the highest mountain in Indonesia and the highest island peak in the world. There are several glaciers on its slopes, and tourists can access the peak with a government permit.

80,0000 km of coastline: Indonesia has the fourth longest coastline in the world and is well known worldwide for its beautiful beaches. Visitors to Indonesia will find waves to surf, crystal clear waters for diving, white sand coasts, and cliff-guarded hidden shores.

127 active volcanoes: Indonesia has the largest number of active volcanoes in the World. Around 1,100 eruptions have been documented. The most well-known volcanic eruption happened in August 1883 on an island located west of Java. When the Krakatoa erupted in the largest explosion ever recorded, the island virtually disappeared within a day. Massive tsunamis on Sumatra and Java followed the eruption.


Volcanoes in Indonesia

700 languages: Around 725 living languages are still spoken in Indonesia, making the country the largest multilingual population in the world, second only to Papua New Guinea. The government recognizes only the “Indonesian” or Bahasa language as the official language, and around 60 languages are currently considered “in danger”.

9.4 million tourists: According to statistics provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a total of 9.4 million international visitors entered Indonesia in 2014. Tourists are attracted both by natural attractions (beaches/ volcanoes) and the rich cultural heritage.

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