7 amazing tips to enjoy Bali


Heading to the summer this year, many people have to prepare for their next destination. How about you? Is the Island of Gods, Bali in one of your must-visit list? For the first timer who wants to go to Bali for a vacation, there are some things that you would better know before going to Bali.

Tips and tricks on how to get to some heavenly places, some cultural matter that will be shocking you along the way, and maybe how to get the best price while bargaining in the local market are some of the things you need to look up in guidebooks or on the internet. Now we will have 7 tips you will surely need to remember before packing your swimming pants and flip-flops.

7 tips for your trip to Bali




  1. Did you know that Bali is the house of more than millions tourists every year, especially in high season (May – July) ? Do not expect that you will have super relaxing surroundings and see only the locals walking around in their traditional clothes like in Kuta. South of Bali. You might get yourself thinking, this is the island of white dudes plus an equator line.
  2. The beach in South of Bali is more for sunset and surfing than for snorkeling. Go a little bit North if you want to see fishes and corals, but surely do not expect it in the Kuta. It is the heartbeat of the island; thousands of people are there every day. Expecting clean water? I’ll say go a bit North.
  3. Forget your long trousers or shirts. One of the first newcomer mistakes is cloth choice. It is true that the dress code in Indonesia is pretty casual, but with 32 degrees every day in Bali, unless you want to visit temple or shrine, you will be more comfortable to wear short pants with cotton t-shirt and flip-flops.

  4. In Indonesia, you are a billionaire! You may be only a student back home who works part time, but once you hit the land of the Gods, you are the God! The exchange currency is very advantageous for westerners. For example, you may get a full plate of food for only 2 or 3 euros.
  5. Yet, do not forget to bargain when you are buying souvenirs in local markets. Do not accept the first price that the sellers give to you, unless it is an high-end shop. Take your time to wander around and see if other shops offer a better price, try the clothes, and see if the price is worth it. Bargain with a smile! That’s how you show respect the seller.
  6. Give them a tip for a good service. Indonesians, in general, are low paid, yet very generous. So when you get a good service, do not hesitate to leave some tip, and say “terima kasih” (thank you) with a smile on your face. You will be surprised of how much Indonesians appreciate smiles.
  7. Do not drink arak. Arak is a local traditional beverage that is unlabelled and disapproved by the Health Department. If you are not used to it then Bali belly will be your next phase, otherwise, you may get a hangover and even get robbed.


Hope those tips will help you out to plan your Bali trip. There are still more to go, but these basic pieces of advice will get you started. Happy holidays!

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