7 Tips Before Travelling To Bali For Your First Time


Bali is a beautiful city. It is not only about the hills, the crowded city, the spas, and the beaches, but also its culture. Therefore, it is not that surprising that Bali is very popular. Thinking about traveling to Bali? You know, as someone who never had visited Bali before, at first, you may feel lost because you know nothing about the island. In order to avoid that, I will share with you 7 things you need to know before you travel to Bali. I hope these tips will be very helpful.

Sure, there are many ways you can enjoy Bali, however recklessly travelling there without any preparation is not a good idea …

Get local …


• If you expect to experience something you can’t find in its major city like Kuta for example, simply change your destination for the countryside. There are three ways to go to the countryside. You can rent a motorbike, bemo, or taxi. If you are in need of freedom and flexibility, I suggest you rent a motorbike, but, of course, it is all up to you. Simply consider your own desires.
• Do you want to get to know the real Bali? Then you’d better meet the local people. In fact, t since people cannot be separated to culture, hey are the essence of Bali. Also, add to your list temples and sightseeing in the countryside, I swear you won’t regret it.

•  If there is a festival, ceremony or some kind of events, you are pretty lucky. Enjoy your time by tasting great food and spending time with local people during these festivities. To put it simply, don’t skip the very idea to be part of these events if you have time.

What’s else? Hold on, I still have some other tips for you so that you can have even more fun in Bali …


• Those who came several times to Bali know that prayer offerings play a major role in the Balinese culture. It is not unusual to find prayer offerings spread on the ground such as flowers in a woven basket or rice on a banana leaf. So yes, you will have to watch your step.
• When it comes to a place to stay, you can choose a villa, hotel, or guest house. A suggestion for you, in case you want to delve now deeper in the Balinese culture, I highly recommend a guesthouse. It will enable you to meet people more easily.
• Understanding Bali naming system can somehow lessen your confusion when traveling in Bali. Bali has a unique naming system  which is based on the order of birth. So don’t get confused when you find too many Wayan and Made there. Wayan means that person is the firstborn, and  Made, the second eldest.
• Don’t get scared of the demonic looking gargoyles. Balinese culture is very unique. There is a combination of Buddhism and Hinduism, with animism as well. Actually, those gargoyles are the representation of good and bad. You can assume that they pray for both of them.

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