Activities you must try when visiting Bali


Activities you must try when visiting Bali


Spend an afternoon in the Bukit and enjoy the sunset with Kecak dance in Uluwatu

Having spent a great afternoon in the Finn infamous club on the beach, hidden in situ on the beach near Uluwatu chills, you should witness the Balinese Kecak dance ritual at the hill near Uluwatu temple.

Delighted by these dramatic acapella songs the Balinese people perform a ritual fire dance to the beat of trance without instruments, only the voices of men. This is one of the most popular Balinese performance, and it is a must see in Bali!

Feel the excitement of paragliding in Bali!

If you like the idea of freedom and has always wanted to fly, of course, paragliding experience in Timbis is one of the best places you can be; it is located in the south of Bali. The drift from the sky on the beach and admire the view with eyes Pandawa Bali birds. Bring your Camera with you and take your best holiday photos ever!

Walk at the bottom of the sea in Sanur, with a Sea Walker helmet

Diving without scuba gear, but only with a helmet that allows him to breathe, and access to an amazing underworld of Bali.

No dive certification is required, or to be a swimmer. It is available to everyone, and you can even keep your dry hair which makes it a must do “diving” experience with your family.

Yes, the whole family entertained Waterbom Park


Dare to ride the largest water slides in Waterbom, which is the No. 1 water theme park in Asia.

Often described as an oasis in the middle of the famous strip of Kuta, Bali Waterbom offers great rides and various attractions.

Enjoy a day of fun in the sun or relax in the shade. A must do in Bali for families

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