Bali Travelers Guide


Bali Travelers Guide.


Bali is a land of dreams where dreams come true to view the wonders of nature. Natural beauty is everywhere in this wonderland which has lots of attraction for tourists. Tourists wish to like travel in Bali but in some seasons Bali is not suitable for tourists that specific season is the rainy season which starts from October till March. This rainy season is called Monsoon season which is not the best time for tourism. The dry season is best to stay and to arrange tours from April till October. Find beautiful resorts, hotels, Inns to stay and to enjoy holidays with the best seasons. When to go to Bali is not a big issue if you have now knowledge to visit Bali in the best season which is April to October. Visit Bali to see deeply spiritual and unique culture and an awesome paradise views on the earth. South Bali, Central Bali, West Bali, North Bali East Bali and Southern Islands have many attractive points of interests for tourists for all over the world.

Things not to Miss in Bali Island

The view of Sunset in Uluwatu Temple is the most beautiful and spectacular view. To see a Sunrise trek to the summit of Mount Batur. Riding along Seminyak Beach with Horses is eye-catching from Umalas Stables. The culture of Bali is fascinating and rich with history and beautiful combination of Bali’s natural beauty resources. All the geographical views are awesome and stunning. Lots of fabulous places have eye attractive views which attract millions of tourists every year. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Restaurant, Mozaic restaurant, Hotel Tugu Bali, Kuta Beach, Ubud and the Monkey Sanctuary, Museum Puri Lukisan are best points of interests which cannot be missed during in Bali Island stay. All the points have great attractions and the most awesome views which leave long term effects in the minds of tourists.


Enjoy Adventures and Tours in Bali with Family and Friends

Visit Bali to see adventures in ancient and natural wonders. Ancient temples, ancient palaces, active volcanoes, wild jungles and natural white sand beaches make Bali is an ideal for every age of people to see personally and to enjoy happiest moments of their lives. Canggu area, Kuta, Legian area, Seminyak, Thumping Bars, Waterbom park are best destinations for travelers to enjoy their own events and to enjoy with others or entirely. Each and every type of fun and entertainment in Bali is awaiting tourists’ response. In these places, lots of safe swimming pools for kids are ready for kids entertainment activities.

Expect Crowds in Bali Island and Choose Your Base Carefully

The crowd is everywhere in Bali because Bali is the land of wonders and beauty and every year millions of people wishes to go to Bali so Bali welcome them to provide excellent living arrangements to enjoy the nature and the other beautiful points of interests. If someone likes crowd and want to enjoy the tour with huge people gathering then Bali and its surrounding destinations are best for him/ her. Choose your base carefully and never miss the awesome beauty of Bali Island.

Enjoy Cultures and Respect Religious Customs

Bali people has a historical background and strong cultural values which attract others to participate with them. Participate with them and enjoy their events and special celebrations. Don’t impose anything which is prohibited in Bali and can hurt to Bali people beliefs and their religious customs. Respect religious customs because tourists have specific limits to not enter fare in religious matters with Bali people. Don’t wear your knickers if you are on street. Your behavior being as tourists should be polite and well mannered. Conduct yourself appropriately when visiting temples and other holy sites across Bali Island. Stainless steel bottle is the best idea to refill again with water or with juice. Avoid plastic bottles during your traveling because of Bali’s heat and humidity calls for constant hydration.

Things to Do in Bali

Travel guide exposes that Bali is the best and the most beautiful Island of Indonesia which have numerous wonders of natural beauty. Tourists have a chance to fully explore the Indonesia and Bali as well to provide a source of travel and to spend happiest moments of your life. The incredible value of wealth only seen in Bali restaurants, hotels, private villas, temples and in other famous points of interests. Bali travel guide is on to help tourists and to prove accurate information about available hotels, restaurants, and other living places. Bali nightlife is also awesome and enjoyable with unforgetful moments which have never seen before.

Famous destinations to visit Bali

Amed, Bedugul, Bukit Peninsula, Kintamani, Mount Agung, Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa West Bali National Park, Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak, Sanur, Padang Bal, Lovina, Legian, Denpasar are most beautiful and tourists ideal places to visit and to enjoy with all types of arrangements with different package plans. Every part of the Bali Island has miracles and the natural beauty views which attract tourists all the seasons. Tourists from Asia, from the Middle East, from Europe, From the United States and Canada likes to visit Bali to spend their romantic times and the times with their special relations in Bali and surrounding areas. Hoping that you will also have a great interest and we will appreciate you to visit Bali and every Island in Indonesia to see the miracles of God.

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