Best 5 islands to visit in Indonesia


Best 5 islands to visit in Indonesia

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Indonesia is such a vast country consisting of over 310 native cultures and over 17,000 islands that it is difficult to choose five places that you should visit. Later on nevertheless, we will try to narrow the choices down to make planning your tour to Indonesia a little easier. And whilst we are talking about planning, don’t forget to include a comprehensive travel insurance package as part of your considerations.

Although there are plenty of good health facilities it is always good to have a backup plan for an emergency evacuation, should the occasion arise. A good travel insurance policy will do this for you.

Vibrant colors, steamy jungles and the aroma of fragrant spices other things that catalyze tourists year after year. Indonesia has it all, from beautiful beaches to spectacular mountains, from the humblest village dwelling to the best five-star hotels every tourist is catered for with ease.

Let’s see how Indonesia can satisfy your tourist urges.


The big waves of the Gili Islands attracted surfers from around the world. You can base yourself at Matram the local capital and make your way out to the big breaks every day. Of course this is the only beach you can visit there are literally dozens scattered along the coastline.


This strange ”H” shaped island is as beautiful as its shape is strange with a huge cultural diversity and a mysterious reputation as the home of ancient pirates. Active volcanoes provide an eerie backdrop to the Emerald green rice paddies that surround them and the proud locals live their lives as if nothing has changed. If you are lucky enough you may be able to witness a funeral ceremony which is so elaborate you will find it hard to believe.



Although this region occupies over two thirds of Borneo, it is the least visited area in Indonesia. Unfortunately, its rich thick forests are disappearing as quickly as the foresters’ chainsaws can buzz, although recent attempts at arresting this process are having some success. Tourists will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the forests and mountains and will even be able to partake of a home stay experience by living with a village family for a number of days. Always make sure that your holiday insurance policy will cover you if you decide on a home stay.



Despite the trouble experienced a few years ago following a terrorist attack in which several hundred tourists were killed, Bali is bouncing back and is fast becoming, yet again, one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations. Tourists can enjoy fantastic relaxing beaches whilst at night the nightclubs and restaurants are bulging with tourists.



This is the main island of Indonesia and although does not have the natural beauty you will find in many other places in Indonesia, the population ensures that it is the heart and soul of the country.


Over one third of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands remains uninhabited, so there remains plenty of options for tourists to explore at their leisure and maybe discover hidden delights that your fellow travellers have never seen before.

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