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Bali is a wonderful island with its own culture. Always welcoming, it is one of the main destination for tourists who want to discover uncommon landscapes and be merged in a diversified culture. However, prices for visits can skyrocket from simple to triple for touristic sites. You might want to know some of the main activities to do: the most beautiful ones for the best quality price ratio! Here is a little list!


Artist’s villages


Free to 10$ entrance

Many galleries of exhibitions are possible to visit. You definitely have to visit some of them. Balinese masks and puppets, with traditional carving and making; Wood sculptures with a unique carving manner and local wood; Batick technic clothes and items (fan, boxes…); Stone carving; Jewelry making…

Ubud is the best place to see all of this !

Pay attention, some have entrance fees, so inform yourself ! Pay also attention : ask nicely if you can take pictures, before catching the instant.


Batik Technique visit and creation


Free to 10$ entrance

Still in Ubud, but also in other small villages, you can visit Batik production centers, famous special clothing decoration making. Tool, dyes, manner to master the details… You can even try yourself ! Bring back home your own self-made design and souvenir.


Morning Markets


Free entrance

If you are looking for some cultural, those are the places to be. You will be able to observe the unique things that make Bali, Bali. Your immersion will begin with that tradition hand-made items such as trinkets, clothes, souvenirs, ceremonial items… then the food, and finally the well-being of Balinese people…

Pasar Badung in Denpasar is one of the most popular on the Island, with Balinese but also Javanese clothes, and all Bali’s characteristics. Near Pasar Badung in Denpasar, Pasar Kumbasari is more axed on artistic goods.

Be sure the local prices are extremely value-for-money! Do not hesitate to compare them on different stands before purchasing your souvenirs.



Nature in Bali: Rice Landscapes


Free access / Cheap transportation

Bali is known for its white sand beaches, bleu lagoons and the seaside… But it also contains inside the country a lot of Rice Plants.

Organized in stairs, green background under the blue sky, it is something wonderful to see. You might even see traditional pick up (by hand) made by Balinese people themselves wearing traditional clothes and living in small villages or house made out of nothing. This is a unique experience to share with them; they are always welcoming if you stay respectful of their work.


Lose yourself in the streets


About 20$ to 30$ the day – depend on how far you go

In urban areas like in the countryside, you can visit and lose yourself to discover the streets, the Balinese life…

Feel free to ask a TukTuk-men to drive for you ! It is something to try at least once in life, and is the most suitable transport to admire nature and go from one place to another in the most convenient way ! You can ask your hotel or trip agency to book one for yo, to be sure to pay the right price.

For less than 5$ a day

You can also rent motorbike or bikes to visit in a sporty way !


Take Surfing Lessons


2h lessons will only cost you about 25$

Are you one the sea side? Waves are your friend in the Pacific Ocean! Why not try surfing? And it will be a fun moment to remember all life long ! You will have a personal teacher that will show you all the bases you’ll need to know to try out yourself, and will borrow one of their surfboards!

Attend a traditional show


For about 10$ to 15$

You will be able to see a traditional dance show. Men and women dancing with the spirits, in traditional clothing. It is very typical of the island, and it’s a must-do when you come visit Bali. You can attend one of them at anyplace you are!


Pasih Uwug and other landscapes nearby the sea


Free access

Pasih Uwug is also known as the broken sea. A unique attraction in Nusa Penida, the result of a geological phenomenon, mastered with time and weather. How come? You will be able to see a natural arch, created by the rock cliffs. You will be able to walk on the arch, the “hole in the rock cliff” that actually used to be a cave!

There are many landscapes like this to see, feel free to see which cliffs are near your location, for a walk to make.


Typical rafting, diving, boat visit…


About 150$: Meal and Transportation included

About 50 to 60$ the activity

All those activities are wonderful to do in Bali! Swimming among fishes and coral, seeing dauphins in front of a sunrise, discovering the nearby wild islands on a small boat, getting down the rivers… Everything is possible! And the prices you pay can make the entire day or afternoon a moment to remember for a lifetime.


Bali is an island with many secrets. You will always discover something new when walking along the streets; visiting the area you are located… Be curious, and do not hesitate to just fleer away from the town you are housed.

Chinese tourists are more and more attracted by this kind of visits. The new Chinese generation is more inclined to discover the world and its secrets. South Asia is one of their new destinations and Bali is in the target line. They want to do the maximum during their trip, and those activities are uncommon must-do.

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