Cheapest Tour Packages In Bali


Cheapest Tour Packages In Bali


Bali is arguably the most diverse and beautiful archipelago of Indonesia. These islands have an astonishing amalgam of natural and man-made attractions. Bali has landscapes, beaches, resorts, hills, shopping malls, food streets, spas, luxury hotels, restaurants, forests, parks, theaters and everything that a tourist paradise must have. If you are looking forward to visiting this amazing place then you must check out following cheapest tour packages in Bali. All these deals are for the stay of two people.

Four-Day Stay


The four-day tour includes four night and four days in the Bali. You will be departing on the fifth day of the trip. This kind of trip is considered as a long trip, therefore, you will have to select an appropriate hotel to keep the cost of the trip below a certain level. You can go with the Courtyard Bali Seminyak Resort. It is a very popular hotel with amazing services. You will not need to visit any other beach to grab the beauty of sunset in the clear water of Indonesia. You can enjoy sunbath in the white sand of this resort. This resort is close to the busy streets of Bali, therefore, you will be able to visit the city without hiring expensive cab service. This trip will not cost you more than $600 but you can further reduce the cost of the tour by selecting a three-star hotel.

Three Day Tour


This kind of tour is most popular in families because it is not long enough to bore you but long enough to allow you see all important places of Bali. This trip will cost you almost $500 including local traveling, meal and stay in any high-quality hotel. You can select Melia Bali Indonesia to stay for three days. It is an inexpensive hotel with all service of top quality hotels. You will have luxury room, clean environment, and internet connection there. You can visit parks, forest, and shopping malls on the second and third day. There are several food streets there so no need to worry about delicious food but make sure to keep few pills with you to avoid stomach disturbance. Fast food is also easily available on this Island. You can go with fast food if you are not comfortable with local food.  The cost of airplane ticket will vary according to your location.

Two Day Tour


The tour of two days seems very short for locations like Bali which are filled with beautiful beaches, resorts, and other tourist attractions. To get maximum benefit from your short tour you can stay in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. The spa services of this hotel are impeccable. Visit a maximum number of places in two days but enjoy spa before leaving the country and you will forget all fatigues and tiredness. This tour will cost you almost 400 USD to 500 USD which is not very high. The modern technologies and competition in traveling sector are allowing people to visit astonishing places like Bali without spending too much money. Two days are short but you can buy a souvenir to make this trip memorable for your entire life.

One Day Stay


You can stay at the Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort for one night in just $150. The rate may vary with the traveling agency but this is the minimum rate. This deal includes all fringe facilities of the hotel. You can enjoy swimming in their pool and enjoy a beautiful view of sunset and sunrise from the sea shore. You will have to pay extra for the meal but this hotel has a wide range of food products so therefore there is no worry about food. The best thing about this hotel is that it is near to the city, therefore, it will be easy for you to go shopping and see the beauty of the island. You can even ask for the taxi from the administration of the hotel. The whole trip with airplane tickets and local traveling will cost you less than $400 and you will enjoy VIP protocol. If you are newly married then this tour package will be the best gift for your partner.

The cost of a trip depends on different factors like how many people are with you and how many days you are going to stay. You can compromise on the quality of hotel and food if you want to stay longer in this country without spending extra money. You can get special discount for your tour package if you get booking from a right traveling agency. It is recommended to compare the rates of different traveling agency before finalizing the deal. You can visit the website of reputed traveling agencies to get quotes immediately through their computerized system. So, make a plan, do some research, pack your luggage, and get ready to be amazed by the beauty of Bali.

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