5 Extraordinary Things to do on a Bali Vacation


Bali is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Indonesia; whoever comes here, get mesmerized by its breathtaking beauty. Every corner of this island is mesmerizing and feels delightful to the senses. Bali is a perfect travel destination for newlyweds and couples. Come to Bali and let your love flourish at the serene beauty of lush green landscapes. If you thinking of planning a Bali travel, then get ready to be surprised, there are many stops in Bali that are still unexplored.

Other than exotic beaches, you have a variety of activities to do in Bali that makes your holiday routine more interesting. From testing your courage across deep ravines, a visit to the island of dead or simply enjoying the strangest villas, gear up for experiencing these five exciting suggestions.

Do you have any bucket list? No. here we are giving you suggestions to add to your list

1. Explore the edge at One Eighty’s cliff infinity pool

cliff infinity pool

Infinite pools are amazing, gives you a full view of nature. Here we are talking about Bali’s infinity pools. A crystal blue=glass bottomed infinity pool overlooking the Indian ocean stretches all the way out from the cliff 500 feet high. Experience floating in mid-air with the sweeping waves crushing beneath you. Isn’t’ therapeutic?

2. Touch the sky at Munduk Moding Plantation

Munduk Moding Plantation

Have you always dreamed of reaching the sky? Designed by an award-winning architect Popo Danes, Munduk moding plantation is a sea of cloud that covers the covering coffee plantation in the area. You can explore it from your room, open the glass panel to take the breathtaking view of coffee plantation shaded by the sea of clouds.

3. View the tallest volcano at Villa sidemen

tallest volcano at Villa sidemen

Did you ever think of viewing a volcano? Bali not only inhibits pristine beaches but it is the most popular sites of volcanoes. active and extinct volcanoes. Die intro dramatic views of volcanoes at Villa sideman. Here you are treated with the majestic view of Bali’s tallest volcano-Mount Agung. With the large windows. You are sure to enjoy massive volcano sites.

4. Fly above the lake at Puncak Danau

Puncak Danau

this is for a daring heart, of the infinity pool is not thrilling to you then swing in birds nest just above the lake and landscapes. You have never dreamed of swing above the beach. Explore the Puncak Danau lake by swinging above it. The whimsical swing hands from a huge, sturdy tree but swing out at your own risk. Be careful while swinging,

5. Beautiful tree house

tree house

This amazing treehouse is the latest addition to the island, offering stunning sights of the dramatic Balinese landscape. Once you are up in the treehouse, you will see beautiful sights. The tree house has a ladder, so you don’t have to climb it. Just bring a picnic and make it a stunning top tree. Feel like capture this moment?

These are a few sights out of hundreds that you must explore when you visit Bali, Indonesia. If you are planning a trip, then do your proper research and build your personal itinerary. Good luck to all travellers, planning or explore Bali in current times

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