Indonesian Tourism Market


Indonesian Tourism Market


How is Indonesian tourism market going? There is a list of places in Indonesia that are considered as the sights of attraction for its visitors and this list includes the most interesting culture of Indonesia, its admiring countryside, nightlife especially at Bali and Jakarta and much more but still the country fails to attract millions of tourists as compared to the neighboring countries such as Malaysia where about 27 million visitors visit per year and Singapore where the number of tourists exceeds to 15 million. According to a study Indonesia can achieve the target to welcome about 10 million of visitors in a year but it fails in this regard due to some reasons.

Factors contributing in blocking of tourism sector


In a report of the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness, it has been noted that in tourism sector Indonesia has improved its rank from 70th order up to 50th from 2013 till 2015 which is the really appreciable improvement. It has been reported that this increase in a number of tourists is caused by various factors such as investment in the tourism sector, improvement in air transport infrastructure and mobile coverage in almost every area of the country. The reasons of relatively slow development in Indonesia’s tourism sector and the efforts of authorities to overcome are following.

  • According to a report, the main cause of failure in the tourism sector is not properly focusing environmental sustainability which results in deforestation and is causing danger to precious species of birds and animals. The tourism department of the country is trying to find environment-friendly ways of promoting tourism.
  • Another important factor is the security concerns especially in the case of business cost in tourism. This issue is not exclusive to the Indonesia as the whole world is facing this problem but most of the cities in this country are safe.  Even tough, the clichés do impact on the Indonesian toursim market. Authorities in Indonesia don’t compromise on the security of tourists and provide best security facilities to them.
  • The other reason for the limited success of tourism is the inadequate infrastructure which is considered as the persistent problem in Indonesia. Although there is an improved infrastructure in Bali and Jakarta but outside of these two cities infrastructure is very poor. There is a lack of airports and hotels throughout the country therefore no visitor takes interest in visiting Indonesia. The climate of the country is challenging which is limiting the scope of different projects. New technology is being used to overcome the environmental challenges. Soon, other cities of this country will also have adequate facilities. The absence of modern tourism facilities in some areas may seem inadequate for some people but lots of tourists love this aspect because they want to enjoy the true culture of Indonesia with all its originality.
  • Another important factor to be noted is poor communication with the tourists. Only in Jakarta and Bali people working in tourism department are very much fluent in English but in other areas there exists a serious language barrier which makes tourists visit Singapore and Malaysia instead of Indonesia. Actually people of Indonesia takes pride in their language, cultural values, and norm therefore they don’t force their next generation to dedicate their lives in learning foreign language. You can hire a local guide if you can’t speak or understand local languages.

Points of entry to Indonesia


It is very important for every person who intends to visit Indonesia to know the points of entry. Indonesian tourism market is big but easily confusing. It is better to get information before flying to Indonesia as it will save much time and will be very helpful for the entire tour. Below are discussed some entry points for the guidance of intending tourists of Indonesia:

  • It is seen that most of the tourists land at International Airport of Bali named as NgurahRai which is considered as one of the most famous holiday destination for the tourists of Indonesia. Bali is home to the minority of Hindus of Indonesia and also offers a different culture of Hinduism-related arts and depicts the most beautiful and enjoyable nightlife as well as countryside for its visitors. You can start you trip in Indonesia from this city because here you can get information about other worth visiting places of Indonesia.
  • Another important point of entry to Indonesia is the International Airport of Soekarno-Hatta which is situated outside the capital Jakarta. It is a sort of tradition that people visiting Indonesia through this route stay at Jakarta for some days before visiting the other cities of Indonesia. As Jakarta is the economic center of Indonesia still the government does not allow the tourists to stay for more than 30 days even they are visiting the country for business meetings. It is mainly due to the security concerns. But it doesn’t affect much the attraction for the Indonesian tourism market. This step is actually making the environment more secure for tourists.
  • The third route of entry in Indonesia is Batam which is the largest city in one of the provinces of Indonesia and runs through the Strait of Singapore. Batam is the transport and industrial hub of Indonesia therefore this route is followed mainly for import and export and by Entrepreneurs. This city is a triangle trade zone with Singapore-Malaysia-Indonesia. It is an important part of a Special Economic Zone with Singapore since 2006 due to this reason shipping taxes and other trade tariffs are eliminated between Singapore and Batam.

Since 2015 Indonesian Government has offered free visa access to about 45 countries of the world. This is an effort to improve the Indonesian tourism market. In 2016 Indonesia allowed a number of countries to enter the country without the visa in this way a number of 169 countries do not need a visa to stay in Indonesia. Besides these changes Indonesia allows a number of countries to enter through the water. Before such law, only Indonesian flagged passengers were allowed to enter through the water. These changes are implemented to attract more visitors. Indonesia still needs to promote itself by offering different promotional campaigns in various countries.

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