Indonesia’s Hidden Gems Part 1: Komodo Island


Indonesia is not all about Bali. The (justified) reputation of the Island sometimes hides other true paradises that are less well known by the public. Bali is, in fact, an excellent hub from which to explore the hidden parts of Indonesia.

A legendary island
Komodo Island is a large island of about 330 km² located between Sumbawa and Flores and originating from a volcano. The Island has an estimated population of only a little over 200,000, who are primarily descendants of former convicts exiled to the Island. The place is characterized by very rich and diversified fauna and flora and is still of great interest to scientists studying the theory of evolution.


Coastal landscape of island Komodo National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Indonesia, Southeast Asia

Coastal landscape


The Island of dragons

The Island is also called “the island of dragons” because of its population of the giant lizards known as Komodo dragons. The Dragon of Komodo is the largest living species of lizard, weighing up to 70 kilograms and growing to a maximum length of 3 metres. A national park was created to protect these animals in 1980.

The total population of Komodo dragons, which is estimated at around 5,700, is distributed across the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motong, and some coastal regions of western and northern Flores.



Komodo Dragon


Pink Sand beach

Komodo features a “pink” sand beach (a mixture of white sand combined with red sand) that is one of only seven in the world.


Pink Beach

Pink Sand beach


Scuba diving in the waters of The Lintah Strait

Another tourist attraction is the scuba diving, especially in the waters of The Lintah Strait—the narrow body of water that separates Komodo and Rinca Islands.

Legend has it that the Lintah Strait is so-called due to the leech-like, life-sucking powers of the waters in the channel. It is believed that the waters have claimed many a vessel and crew in the past.


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