Simple Words to Learn During Your Next Visit in Indonesia


Something that you should prepare before going abroad is to understand some basic words of the language. It is needed especially if you are visiting a non-English speaking country. It will enable you to communicate easily with locals even if you only know a bit of the language. Well, if you plan to visit Bali in Indonesia, then it would be good for you to know what kind of expressions can be useful for you. Having a good contact with locals will be good since you will mostly interact with them. Here are several simple words. It is useful for you to know these few words.


Ada (Is there…? I have… )

Ada describes that there is something present or that you still have something. You can find this word in a hostel or homestay. You could see on the door a board on which is written ada kamar. It means that there is a room inside. It is a simple word you can learn quickly.

Berapa (how much..? how many..?)

When you are visiting Bali, you will interact often with the locals especially when it is about purchasing or bargaining. The word “berapa” means that you ask how much (cost)  or how many (items). If you want to ask about the price of an item,  you can say “ini berapa?”. In addition, if you are going to rent a bike, then you can ask the owner how long you can rent the bike, then you can say “berapa lama?”. Those are the words that will be useful for you.


Tidak (No …. not)

When you come to Bali, there will be so many locals who will offer you a lot of things like renting a car, souvenirs and so on. When you do not want to pick anything that they offer to you, you can just say “tidak”. It means that there is nothing you need. The word “tidak” can also mean that you do not want to do something. It can be a refusal or rejection.

Tolong (Help)

If you experience any bad things and you need to get help from people, you can say “tolong”. It means that you need to get help for something. Most Indonesian people are very friendly so don’t hesitate if you need to ask someone for help. This is something that you should say.

Selamat Pagi/ Siang /Malam (Good morning, good afternoon and good evening)


In Indonesia, you can actually learn how to greet local people. In the morning you can say ‘selamat pagi’ which means good morning. Then, in the afternoon you can say ‘selamat siang’ and in the evening you can say “selamat malam”.

Terima kasih (Thank you)

When you need to say “thank you” in Indonesian, you can just say “terima kasih”. It will help people understand to understand that you are thankful for what they did or said to you.

Those are several words you can learn before visiting Indonesia. You can actually find out how to show the attitude to the local with those simple words.

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