Planning Bali Vacations? Explore These Five Extraordinary Sites


Bali has many extraordinary sights that are unlikely to see elsewhere around the world. Recognized for its lush green landscapes and exotic beaches, you may have not fully explored this enchanting destination on a Bali vacation. There are some sights in Bali that may not be covered in Bali vacation packages due to it’s unpopularity. So if you are the adventure soul, explore those mysterious destinations too.

More you dig in, more you discover a mysterious Bali. You might want to split away from the confines and usual offering of five starts resonators, seek out the unknown. Yes, Bail is not fully discovered yet, whenever you get a chance to visit bail, don’t forget to explore those not-so-popular destinations. Discovering Bali is a fantastic experience and also satisfies your curiosity with our top 5 most unusual and odd places to visit in Bali

1. The Ghost Town of Taman Festival Bali

Taman Festival Bali

Bali has a haunted ghost town located on the Padanggalak beach. This is located on a remote coast far away from the main Sanur hub. The isolated entrance gates, ticket booths, empty cafeterias and deteriorated buildings. All give a feeling of a haunted destination. You can ask the locals to know if the places still open or not.

2. Balinese cooking classes

Balinese cooking classes

It comes to no surprises that cooking is one of the favorites to do while travelling. Tourists are usually suggested by the locals to join cooking classes to explore exotic culinary of Bali.

3. The ‘Bat cave’ temple

Goa Lawah

Bali is famous for temples and monuments and Goa Lawah is one of the majestic Hindu temples that you must visit. The majestic temple was built in the 11 the century, the best time to visit it during dusk when hoarders of nectar bats swarm the skies over the temple. If you are a religious soul then you must visit the temple when they celebrate temple anniversaries and the place becomes truly exotic with pilgrims thronging in temple prayers.

4. Lost plane site

bali plane

We all are intrigued to see the lost plane structures in the isolated areas. Bali has one. If you are passing through Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai from the airport towards Nusa Dua, keep your attention to the left. There is a 500 m bizarre old white boiling 737 is parked in a yard. The plan now just lying there as a nice candy for passersby.

5. Giri Putri temple

Giri Putri

The temple is one of Nusa Penida island’s major attractions. The entrance is narrow in a rock face. You will need to stoop down to be able to enter the temple. You will discover a massive courtyard. And the floorings inside the cave are made of white marble. This site is perfect for a cultural exploration.

Bali is one of the fantastic destinations for vacations. Try to experience it in a whole new way when you are on a Bali travel. Opt for a different approach for exploring hidden corners of Bali.

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