The Main Websites You Should Visit Before Travelling to Indonesia



If you already have a plan to travel to Indonesia, then you need some preparation before you go. The most important thing you should know before traveling abroad are the conditions of the country you are going to visit. Tourism attractions are things you should inform yourself about, so that you can create an itinerary prior traveling. In addition, public transportation is important too, especially if you go for the backpacking option. Let’s also not forget about accommodation and hotel booking to ensure you have a place to sleep. Well, if you are going to visit Indonesia, it is better for you to get help from some of these websites below:


Hostelbookers is a website that is well known by many travelers around the world. It is important for you to know about the rate of each hotel and hostel from different countries around the world. If you want to visit Indonesia, you can book a hotel or hostel through this website. It will be easier for you since you can find information about the condition of the room and night hotel rate. Hence, do not forget to visit the website and make sure you book the hotel or hostel you’d like to stay in. All of the information is already provided. To be sure, you can check the given rate given on the website and compare hotels.

Lonely planet


If you want to know more about what kind of attractions you can do in Indonesia in the point of view of foreigners, then it is good for you to visit lonely planet’s website. There you will get information about where to go in Indonesia since the recommendations are posted by fellow foreign visitors. You can actually use lonely planet to create your own itinerary for your trip in Indonesia so there will be no need for you to hesitate on wether you should do something or not. There will be so many attractions that you can enjoy. You can even learn about what you may have to face while travelling to Indonesia. Finally, you will also learn about the cost of living and basic fees for your trip. Great to calculate your overall travel budget!

Trip Advisor


Tripadvisor is one of the best websites for travelers out there because you can get lots of information about Indonesia and other countries for that matter. Trip Advisor provides detailed information even if you need to visit in a particular place in Indonesia; you can search it in detail. The information will provide you with enough information so that you will understand where you should go and how long it takes. Moreover, there are posted comments by people who already visited the place whether it is recommended or not.

It is important for you to gain lots of information before you travel abroad. Indonesia has lots of attractions to visit and it means that you need to get even more information. These are all websites you can visit to find out about the information that you need. Hence, you can enjoy your holiday in Indonesia.

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