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Ubud is a small town with a dash touch of Balinese culture. Surrounding by rural conditions, the location of Ubud made this spot as the right place to take a rest. Besides, the locals roam around doing their activity. As it is a small town, sightseeing is not the first thing that you have to do here. However, you can get relax perfectly here. There are many places for yoga, meditation and healing spas in Ubud. Spending some of my time here was definitely a good choice. Many travelers are doing so.


There are a lot of things you can do in Ubud. You can go to The Monkey Forest, the calming forest inhabited by monkey. You have to avoid bringing stuff that can attract the monkeys. As Ubud is considered as the annual Bali spirit home, so taking the yoga class may be a good idea. You can have some time to relax and get your spirit back perfectly. Don’t forget to get spa treatments and massages with cheap price. After getting relaxed in Ubud, try to visit Ubud market and shopping. You can get souvenirs and nice stuff here. Here are some little tips for you when you will be there, be the first consumer and buy as much as you can to get special discount.

During the evening, you can see many amazing traditional Balinese performances. Nevertheless Ubud was not a big place, and you can try to get around with a motorbike. You can see and explore many things about the Balinese cultures. Ubud was also a good place to learn how to cook Balinese food and mix modern food, so you can take cooking class too. Having a look at Goa Gajah is a great idea as well; there are statues and pool of statues sprout water. Near to this Goa Gajah, there is Yeh Pulu, rock carving wall. Interesting! Furthermore, Ubud is surrounded by the countryside, so you can see the Rice terraces here.


If you are tired after a long day of sightseeing, you can find some good places to eat! You can eat in some restaurants, warungs, or street cart which offered various kind of delicious food for you. I decided to go the vegetarian restaurant to get healthy food. Ubud is best place to have a walk. Many tourists usually ride motorbike and by bicycle to do some sightseeing rather than riding taxis and bus stand. If you plan to stay longer, you will have the choice for your accomodation, as there are many hotels and guesthouses here. Many of them are providing different facilities. I stayed at Indra Guesthouse and Anugrah House; those are guesthouse with an unique Balinese touch.

So, if anyone asked me is it worth to take a tour in Bali, I will said yes, and mind about your budget too. I can say that Bali is cost-effective in terms of time and financially speaking. I took a two days tour and the first tour is called general Bali sightseeing tour, where we went to many places to visit during the day. But it is not a good deal, yet still worthwhile. The second tour is full day of sightseeing and many water activities, including dinner and night performance on the beach. It was a pretty good deal. With $38 USD plus a good English speaking guide.

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