Time for Travelling in Bali


Following a hobby as a traveler blogger is a pleasure thing. However, all of it changed when my blog seemed ruin from the first concept that was fun. For the God’s sake, it was really upset me. It drove me to get some time off and travelling to Bali.

Diving in Amed and Pemuteran


Armed with an unknown holiday schedule, I decided to dive in Amed. This two days diving really made me overjoyed although I got a little hurt. After diving in Amed, I went to dive in unspoiled spot dive, Pemuteran. Then, I felt like I wanted to pamper myself after living in a limited facility in Mongolia. So, I headed to the Griya Villa and Spas in Amed. I chose to stay in this Griya which offered spa treatments, room service, the mini bar and more room service rather than a villa for my relaxation. Actually, it was good for my budget too. After diving, I rode a scooter to the Griya. It was really fantastic. After that I throw myself in this pool only with my undies. So brave, wasn’t it? Yeah, due to this was my own pool.

Relax …

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The most important thing during this vacation was that I could get more relaxation. Thu,s I spent much of my time in Griya. Every part of Griya reminded me of Balinese beautifulness. I felt every inch had a Balinese touch. It was so wonderful. I liked not only this place but also these friendly people. Bali was my first journey in Southeast Asia. I often heard about Bali, yet I could not get a chance to visit it. There were so many news and rumors about Bali. The good and I cannot say the other one was the bad. It was the wrong stereotype. Some of them stated that Bali is the perfect place for those on a budget and a playground for Australian people which are looking for cheap holidays.

Some more traveling to the east and north


I headed to the east and north area and avoided Kuta and south area after getting guys on Facebook. The east and north area were calming places I was looking for. I tried not to be a super tourist filled with curiosity. Nonetheless, I could not hold my interest to ask the locals I met in Bali. Moreover, indeed, I wanted to learn more about Bali. The best way to get to know more about Bali was staying with a local family and doing some homestay. The homestay with two rooms was my favorite one.

My experience in a local family


There, they were very welcoming. I spent a lot of time with them. Although I intended to relax after two days of incredible diving, yet I could not do that.  I did so many activities with this family, that were having delicious homemade breakfast, chatting with the family, playing with the kids, and visiting the local neighborhood temple next door. All of these activities made me excited about the modern Balinese culture. I got much knowledge from this. In my opinion, Bali is perfect.

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