Tips To Note In Case You Have Plan To Travel To Bali


The natural beauty, the beaches, the culture, and many other things are turning  Bali into a tourist gateway, to enjoy solo travel or with family, friend or their significant other. Do you want to go there too? If so, get to know more about Bali before you go there. If this is your first time to visit Bali, it is possible that you may get confused about some things about this incredible city. Here are some tips that you will help to avoid all of this situation. Now, after you prepare your passport, ticket, thing to pack and so on. Add some tips herein as your guidance to enhance your time in Bali.

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You will have the opportunity to meet talented and aspiring craftsmen in Bali. If you are the kind of person who loves to  bring special objects from the places you visit, you can, for instance, buy a sculpted stone or wooden furniture.  Apart from its beauty, the price is somehow pretty cheap. Before you lose control and buy too much, start by figuring out how much money it would cost you if you decide to ship it back home. This will help you to choose how many pieces you can bring with you.


There are many places you can visit while spending your time in Bali. If you prefer crowded cities, Kuta would be a great destination . That place is very popular for its beaches and is the best place for tourist to stay. However, if you want more adventure and distinctive experiences in Bali, you better get out of town. Bukit Peninsula can be very enjoyable because of its beautiful natural scenery and culture. In fact, you will enjoy it so much that you will feel like you are in another world. Finally, you can reach Bukit Peninsula with a rented motorbike.


Certainly the lists can’t just stop there:


  • Speaking about going to Bali’s countryside with your motorbike, be aware of yellow vodka. The yellow liquid is basically a gasoline inside a vodka’s bottle. As for gas stations, you will mostly find them in the city. And yes, that is the reason why you will mostly find that yellow liquid on the other side of the road.
  • If you are looking for wifi while having a great time in Bali, the good news is you will find it for free. But the bad news is, not all wifi connections are available for free.
  • Want to eat something you never taste before?  Make sure you don’t forget to taste krupuk, a typical deep-fried rice sugar. This one is very affordable and you can find it on Bali’s street.


What do you think about the above tips? Hopefully, those will help to truly enjoy Bali without hassle. Now, take your passport, plane ticket, and your suitcase…

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