Top 7 beaches in Indonesia


Top 7 beaches in Indonesia

Find out the 7 most awesome beaches in Indonesia


The archipelago of Indonesia comprised of five big islands and thousands of small and medium islands therefore it has thousands of sea shores and beaches. These islands contain world’s most beautiful and astonishing natural and manmade beaches. It is extremely difficult to select the best one out of all these beaches especially when you are trip is of few days. Here is the list of seven most attractive and gorgeous beaches in Indonesia to make this task easy for you.

  1. Padang-Padang Beach


It is one of the best beaches in the Bali. Bali has several beaches but Padang-Padang is unique due to steep reefs, white sand and shady leaves. The sand is very soft which makes it very suitable for families. The color of water on this beach is greenish blue which further increases its beauty. The speed of waves is also minimal due to which this beach is very calm and quiet. If you want some classic time with your family then this beach is for you. This beach is so beautiful that it also got the attention of Hollywood directors. Julla Robers filmed her movie “Eat, Pray, Love” on this beach. Local directors frequently use this beach for filming. If you are visiting this beach then don’t forget o take your camera with you.

  1. Pangandaran Beach


It is certainly Java Island’s most popular beach. It is a very long beach therefore you will be able to enjoy absolute privacy irrespective of season and weather. This beach contains white sand and clear water which make the landscape very beautiful especially during morning time. It is not just a beach but also a marine park with facilities to observe marine life. You can see all kinds of sea creatures in their natural habitat on this beach. The most amazing aspect of this beach is that you can enjoy sunset and sunrise from the same shore because of a unique geographic location of this beach. You can stay all day long without getting bored. It is truly a remarkable place for family picnic.

  1. Dreamland Beach


Dreamland beach is the true sensation for international tourists because it has natural beauty, strong waves, huts, and other supplementary facilities. Waves on this beach are strong enough to let people surf especially during the full moon but they are not very strong to disturb people on shores. This beach is located behind a vertical cliff which creates a serene environment and amazing landscape. This cliff stops the noise and smoky air from the roads of the city and lets people have quite a time. If you want to escape from the hustle of the city to refresh your time and enjoy sunbath then this beach is perfect for you. The white sand and clear blue water of the sea will please your eye. It is, in fact, a paradise for those who love to meditate.

  1. Senggigi Beach


It is one of the longest and safest beaches in the Indonesia. It is located in the Lombok so it also has modern facilities for visitors. It is technically one beach but it offers the pleasures of multiple beaches because at one portion you can see greenish blue water with white sand and trees. On the other side you can enjoy the clear blue water with relatively strong waves. There is a reef slightly away from the shore which reduces the speed on strong waves and makes the environment on beach naturally safe. You can certainly take your kids with you on this beach but keep them near you as this beach is very long.

  1. Sanur Beach


It is a luxury beach of Bali which is very near to the city. You can reach this beach within 30 minutes if you drive from the Rai International Airport. This beach is famous for its amazing sunrise view. There is ample of space and facilities to facilitate a large number of visitors. Big rocks on the bank give a classic look to this beach. During summer sun rises almost at 5:30 in the morning. Dozens of tourists come here just to see the sun rising from the ocean. It is hard to explain the beauty of the scene as the run rises and the color of water changes. If you are in Bali then you can start your day with the sunrise view on Sanur beach. It is the best place for couples to have some special time.

  1. Nusa Dua Beach


It is one of the few beaches in Indonesia which contain extensive luxurious facilities with the natural views. Lots of people fear to go in the ocean but still want to swim. They can swim in the swimming pools in this beach if you don’t feel to swim in the ocean. You can enjoy different kinds of drinks and meals while having fun on the beach. You don’t need to take anything with you because you will get all necessary things there. So, if you don’t have time to plan your visit to the beach then you can just visit this beach and enjoy a special treatment with the natural beauty of white sand and widespread ocean.

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach


This is not a high profile beach but it is certainly very unique due to its calm and quite waves. If you love to swim in the ocean but don’t want to take any risk then this beach is best for you because the water on this beach is very calm and shallow. You will feel like you are swimming in swimming pool. Space on this beach is ample to play different games. Families with lots of members should visit this beach and spend quality time in the calm and cool atmosphere.

All these beaches are just the reflection of beauty that Indonesia possesses. It was very hard to select these seven beaches because there are dozens of beaches in Indonesia that you should visit at least once during your stay in the country.

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