Travel Guide in Bali


Travel Guide in Bali


Tourism has become one of the most popular recreational activities after the advancement of transportation technology and reduction in the cost and time of traveling. Every country tries to make exceptional building, parks, and tourists’ attractions to ensure that a maximum number of tourists visit their country. But, some countries like Indonesia are blessed with natural beauty that they don’t need any man-made structure to attract tourists. Bali is the proof of this fact. Every year millions of people visit this place to relish the natural exquisiteness of this place. The only problem is that you can’t select the best place to visit in this Island unless you have a thorough knowledge of this Island. It is better to hire a professional guide. Here are some tips to select best travel guide in Bali and have a disturbance-less trip without spending too much money.

Start Your Search Early

You will not get the best guide few days before your arrival to the Bali because all popular guides stay booked for better part of the year, you will need to find one and get booking at least one month before your visit. The best way to start your search is to through the reviews of people on neutral websites who provide genuine reviews of people. There are lots of such forums and websites where travelers provide their reviews about guides and locations of different places in the world. It will provide you some hint where to start your search. If you start you search at least two months before your visit then you will be able to find right guide for your trip.

Make Wish List


It is best to make a wish list and don’t hesitate to include minor things. It will help you find the right guide. If you want to visit some particular beach like Ungasun then you must find a guide who can take you there. Usually, guides make a plan and try to take all tourists to their planned location in their own transport. It saves them time and money. If you want to go with the group tour then you will be able to save some money but then you will have to compromise on your wish list. You have to follow their plan. There are some guides who can plan a trip as per your guidelines but they will cost you more. It is important to note that almost every place in Bali is equally beautiful and crowded. You will find loads of people in almost every place. If you want some quite time in beaches then go for five star hotels and resorts like Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, Courtyard Bali Seminyak Resort, Melia Bali Indonesia and Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. Here you will be able to enjoy amazing sunrise and sunset in a quiet and luxurious atmosphere.

Compare The Price

After selecting two or three guides in Bali, compare their price to make sure that you get the best services at the minimum rate. If you know what other guides are offering then you will be able to bargain more confidently. There are lots of things that you can do to reduce the rates. You can ask only for information rather than physical assistance. It will save you huge amount of money. You will get customized information easily through local guides. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy with local transporters then get complete assistance from traveling guide who will provide you with local transport facilities to their recommended places.

Don’t Pay Full in Advance


Usually, traveling agents ask for full payment in advance but this is not the safe way to pursue unless you are 100% sure about the reliability and credibility of the guide. You can pay 50% is advance and remaining 50% when you reach the Bali. If you want complete tour package then you will have to pay complete amount in advance because in this case, the guide will have to book hotel and transport in advance for you. You can only enjoy traveling when you are free from all tensions of booking hotels and reserve restaurant seats, therefore, it is better to get complete tour package from a reputed company even when it cost you few bucks more. One thing is for sure is that you will forget all your worries when you will see the exceptional landscapes of the Bali.

All these tips will get you best guide in Bali who will guide you through your trip. It will be better if you discuss your requirements in detail with your guide to avoid any desirable situation during the trip. A professional guide will try to make sure to make your trip memorable and enjoyable therefore it is crucial to have a polite and intelligent guide with reasonable experience.

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