Travel Tips: What Do You Need To Do In Bali?


In order to not waste your time and create unforgettable memories when taking some of your free time in Bali, make sure that you make some lists about the things to do when traveling there, thus, you won’t get confused as you already know which places you want to visit. Looking for some inspiration?

Enjoy the sunset and go outside…


Enjoying the beauty of the sunset is one you better not skip. One among other things that make Bali so famous is actually the sunset. Tanah Lot and Uluwatu are the best places to admire the beauty of a sunset. If you want to make your experience filled with unique memories while enjoying a beautiful sunset then come to Uluwate where some locals perform a traditional Kecak dance. To ensure that you don’t miss this chance, consult your tour guide. first

Beaches are not the only places to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise, if climbing is your favorite, make sure to climb the Mount Batur to admire a wonderful sunrise. Just to warn you, but you will need to wake up very early (at like 02.00 am) to get there at the best moment to watch the sunrise, but it is worth it.

Surely, the list of things to do in Bali doesn’t stop these few places , on the contrary, there are many other places you can go to that only Bali can give you :

Taste some local foods …


Even though you can enjoy first-rate restaurants and clubs while visiting Bali, you should not miss the opportunity to taste local dishes like Sate Lilit (which is flavored ground meat flavor put on a lemongrass stick), Babi Guling (similar to spit-roasted pig) and the last one is Ayam Betutu (a slow cooked chicken that is wrapped in a banana leaf). The interesting part about tasting the local cuisine is that you can take cooking courses so that you can enjoy the dish once you get home.

Get outside or just under the sea …


Go outside to experience unique experiences!,Why don’t you try that too? What is a vacation if you stay all day long in your hotel room? Go to places such as the water boom, embrace the beauty of the sea through Marine Park, and get yourself closer to nature by planning your trip to Bali Safari.

Snorkeling is another thing that is recommended. You can embrace and enjoy the beauty of Bali under the sea. Good places to go to make the best out of this experience are Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.

Asking for more ideas? Your wish is granted. Bali is so magical, so it is not that surprising that you can do many magical things there …

Get local …


Bali is all about the people who live there. For that reason, take a trip to get to know more about Balinese culture by engaging with local people living in villages in the countryside. You won’t experience the atmosphere anywhere else, only in Bali. As well, the rice paddies terraces which became Bali’s signature are just stunning. Speaking about it, Tenganan and Jatiluwih are two places to consider.

So, what do you think about the lists abovementioned? After reading about the things to do while staying in Bali, your vacation there will be more exciting.

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