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Thousands of people are coming to Bali every month and it is not a legend that there are many pros and cons. Bali is still worth visiting even after all the tourism destruction and the fact that Bali is no longer seen as the Eat Pray Love scene. Criticism is still largely spread among Bali’s visitors and even people who have lived in Bali for years. Some love it for the hospitality, culture, and the sun while others hate it for the trash everywhere, dirty beaches, and being tricked by local tourist folks. But still, you cannot judge Bali with only these little pieces of information. Let’s see what Americans love to visit in Bali and their expectations.

  1. Expectation: Balinese villages are like in Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love movie


It is indeed true that movies can strongly affect its viewers, to the point that they take a plane ticket and go abroad just to live what their favorite actors had the chance to experience. But, many are disappointed with what they see in Bali. The city is overcrowded with white people and the tourism business has destroyed the natural beauty of Bali. You need to explore the center or upper area of Bali to really appreciate the beauty of the city.

  1. Expectation: snorkeling site

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Going to Bali for snorkeling is not a wise decision unless you know the exact site that offers you a clear sight of the underwater world. Otherwise, Most of Bali’s beaches are only good for watching the sunset and are amusingly overcrowded with people, both local and tourists. The South of Bali, for instance, is just a good place to party, sunbathing, seeing the sunset, and budget traveling.

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  1. Expectation: nice and humble tourist’s guide

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It is a fact that Indonesians are very helpful, smiley, and generous. But this aspect of culture is somehow destroyed by some local tourist’s behaviors who will give you super nice smile and then try to rob your MasterCard. The pure ultimate generosity and smile come from those who doesn’t take advantage directly from you; locals on the street, the old lady in the temple, or just someone you met along the way and turns out to be telling you some secret non-touristic heavenly places in Bali.

Not only Americans who come to Bali are experiencing  happiness and disappointment. It happens for any of the most touristic places. In fact, Bali is one of the most visited places in the world. The government is still dealing on how to make Bali a more holistic tourism destination; building roads, infrastructures, preparing the environment, and managing how to deal with rubbish and dirty water. Judge less and enjoy Bali, otherwise, there are still 1000 other islands in Indonesia that can offer you wonderful experiences. All you need is courage to jump onto the next ferry boat and get ready to explore either Java or Lombok.
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