What To Explore The Most with Bali Travel Packages?


When we talk about Bali in terms of traveling, no doubt the beauty of the place is spellbound. Also, the beaches of the places add glory to its beauty. Other than that, the pristine and serene nature of the place, attractive wild and marine life, different varieties of food, uncounted places to travel, large and magnificent temples, unique culture, places to shop, amazing hospitality and many more other things add a reason why we should go and explore Bali.

The easy, convenient, affordable, and comfortable trip to Bali can be made possible with the help of excellent Bali tour packages by TourFromBali.com. In this article, you will be knowing what to explore the most when in Bali.

Bali travel packages: Flowers No Doubt Fantasize People With Their Freshness And Fragrance

Flowers undoubtedly have made the world a better place to live in. Wherever we see a flower all bloomed, it’s beauty attract us towards it and there comes a sudden change in our mood. If you are thinking about traveling to Bali, do never miss to admire the nature flowers there. There are so many different varieties of flowers that grow in Bali. They all, unlike other flowers, possess some unique characteristics.

Different Kinds Of Flowers That Grow In Bali, Indonesia

flower Bali

The various Bali flowers that help add glory to its beauty have their names as;

    1. Teratai
    1. Frangipani
    1. Hibiscus
    1. Heliconia
    1. Thunbergia
    1. Anthurium
    1. Orchid
    1. Pachystachys
    1. Adenium
    1. Bougainvillea
  1. Champaca

Frangipani is used by all the Balinese to for offerings in the temples and also for extended headdresses in dances which are traditional. The flower blooms in three colors – cream, lemon, and pink. Also, Bali travel packages by Tour From Bali, will make it less stressful for you to know what places to explore the most, at what price and why.

Bali Travel Packages Offers Mouthwatering Food

These days every other person calls himself foodie. And why not? There are large varieties of food available not only at a particular place but all over the world. Indonesia is among one such place. While exploring the other things in Indonesia, food is a must explore. The most interesting, delicious, exotic and must try foods in Bali includes :

    1. Nasi Goreng
    1. Lawar
    1. Traditional Cakes and desserts
    1. Tahu and Tempe
    1. Bebek and Ayam Batutu
    1. Babi Guling
    1. Jimbaran Seafood
    1. Pepes and Tum
    1. the Sate (Satay) varieties
  1. Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur

Explore Bali Events by Bali travel packages

Perang pandan festival 2018

Apart from that, there are various festivals and events that take place in Bali. Some of the Bali events include the:

    1. Tumpek Kandang
    1. Tumpek Landep
    1. Nyepi Day of Silence and Seclusion Saka New Year 1940
    1. Omed-Omedan
    1. Chinese new year in Bali
    1. Pengrupukan New Year’s Eve of the Saka Calendar
    1. Day after Nyepi
    1. ‘festival of splashes and smooches, Pagerwesi
    1. Tumpek Wayang
    1. Melasti Pilgrimages
  1. Ngembak Geni

There are many more apart from the ones listed above. Attending events, exploring food, flowers, islands, marine life, wildlife, nature, and temples becomes easy with the help of Bali tour packages. If you are planning a trip to Bali Indonesia, we suggest you tour on a package.


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