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When you’re traveling, especially overseas travels; as much as it is fun to take the public transportation to see the city through the authentic lens and experience the local life style and energy, it is undeniable that it is also the most time-consuming way to travel around the city. Especially when time is of the essence. Say, if you have a 4 days long weekend to explore Indonesia, a country with rich cultures, unique history and breathtaking natures in the outdoors; how much time do you plan on waiting, arranging for your commute?


Don’t you want the freedom of going anywhere, anytime?

For those who doesn’t have all day, the best and most efficient way to travel from one destination to another is to drive a car. Fortunately, that is not too hard to do in Indonesia.

And we’re here to help.

Here at Tour from Bali, as much as we are passionate about showing visitors around this amazing island that we call home, but we also understand that very few things in life feels better than going on a adventure on your own or with your loved ones without having to depend on anything or anyone else.

And that is why, sometimes even the backpackers are choosing rental cars over public transportation. Time really is money. Trip planning is complicated enough on its own, you really don’t need the hassle of figuring out the local public transportation while your paid vacation days slip away from your finger tip.

Especially when there is an easy solution.


All you have to do is to let us know how many people and vehicle you would be needing and what kind of vehicle would you like to be driving to turn this vacation into an adventure, we will take care of the rest!

If you don’t feel like driving around yourself, take a look at our luxury charter bus rental service

Contact us today to let us how we can help.


Vehicle type by seating
Location Daily PriceDaily Price
6 SeatsBali IslandRp700,000 $55
12 SeatsBali IslandRp880,000 $65
16 SeatsBali IslandRp1,210,000
29 SeatsBali IslandRp2,250,000
35 SeatsBali IslandRp2,625,000
45 Seats
Bali IslandRp3,675,000 $271
6 SeatsBali to Other Island NearbyRp1,550,000 $115
16 SeatsBali to Other Island NearbyRp2,000,000 $148
28 SeatBali to Other Island NearbyRp2,600,000$192
35 SeatsBali to Other Island NearbyRp3,000,000
45 SeatsBali to Other Island NearbyRp3,400,000 $251
6 SeatsJava IslandRp800,000 $60
15 SeatsJava IslandRp1,100,000 $82
19 SeatsJava IslandRp1,320,000 $98
31 SeatsJava IslandRp2,035,000 $150
59 SeatsJava IslandRp2,640,000 $195


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