Luxury Bus Rental

For those traveling with a group of friends and family, comfort and flexibility are crucial. The best option that can cater to all your needs is a premium charter bus that is top of the class when it comes to safety, reliability and comfort. Sit back and enjoy your time with your loved ones on the road with luxury features and amenities that make your commutes not only enjoyable, but also one of the highlights of your trip.

Everything you may need during your journey will be taken care of by the experienced and professional cabin crew. The cabin crew will stand by in a private area that is separated from the rest of the bus with a sliding door, providing you the absolute privacy and space.

The lounge area is right in the center of the bus, featuring 12 luxury leather seats, a variety of amenities and meeting rooms that come with kitchenette and lavatory.

The spacious leather chairs are wider than the average seats and can be reclined to a flat bed position. The equipped folding table provides the convenience of dining and working with your laptop right from the chair. Pillows and blankets are also provided for some nap time.

Behind the head rest there is a personal lamp and a USB port for charging your electronic devices. Also equipped are the multi-channel LCD screen that comes with a headset, the programs include a wide variety of entertainment, such as movies and video clips.

In addition to being GPS connected, so you’re never lost; WiFi is also available on the bus, keeping you connected throughout the trip, wherever you go.

The interior design focuses on both the functionality and the luxury of the bus. From the warm lighting to the 15 inch LCD that can be folded, the thoughtfulness can be seen in every detail.

Further more,a meeting and entertainment room is located in the back of the bus, separated from the lounge by a sliding door.

This room is equipped with audio video system, 22 inch LCD TV , microphones for both conference calls and entertainment, kitchenette, lavatory, and a fridge. Much like the lounge, the room also comes with an “AIPHONE” that gives you direct access to the cabin crew.

Your cabin crew is hand picked, experienced and well trained specifically for the premium bus.

For overnight travels, each cabin crew consists of 2 drivers and 2 well trained service staff that are extremely knowledgeable about our fleet.



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