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Central Java is a province on the island of Java, Indonesia and is known for its rich culture and traditions and tranquil atmosphere. The province’s strong Hindu and Buddhist past and later Islamic influences have led it to become the place it is today. Central Java offers all the modern amenities you need to feel at home, while still maintaining peacefulness and serenity. The Prambanan Temple and Borobudur are must-see attractions in Central Java.

Central Java is famous for its local culture heritage especially at Yogyakarta City. Where the historical of 1,000 years Hindu Empire as Indonesian ancestors remain lives. The empire leaves us many world of wonders temple as two of them are among the most famous temple called Borobudur and Prambanan temples which still remains in debate whom made the temple, either it was believed to be spirits from another world or mankind.

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Central Java Tourist Attractions Recommended


I. Prambanan Temple

  • You won’t want to miss seeing the miraculously famous folklore temple of Prambanan.
  • Until now, the world has not found evidence who build the temples.
  • Some believe spirits from another world helped local men build the temple, as it was impossible to build such extravagant artificial buildings without any advanced technology.

II. Borobudur

  • Borobudur Temple was made by Buddhist a thousand year ago.
  • You will see the amazing temples was neatly designed filled with 72 Buddha statues and built as a single large stupa.
  • The temple was symbol of the abandoned Hindu Kingdom
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