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East Java is a province located at Eastern part of Java Island. It has many scenic beautiful views from Madakaripura Waterfal, Ijen Crater, Bromo Volcanic Mountain, even Theme park combined with zoos called Jatim Park !

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East Java Attractions Recommended

ijen crater

I.Ijen Crater

Feel the beautiful weather sensation and view of Ijen Crater Blue Fire. You will see a volcanic mountain crater where you could not see elsewhere. You will see different natural views on the way-track up to the top of the volcanic mountain as you will feel like climbing up to the sky.

Madakaripura Waterfall

II. Madakaripura Waterfall

You must see the inside rainforest waterfall Madakaripura when you visit East Java. The natural beautiful scenic view shined by sun among rocks 200 metres waterfall will make you amazed of how big and beautiful the world is. The way from your lodge to the waterfall are full of scenic view surprises

volcanic mount bromo

III. Volcanic Mountain Bromo

Experience the dramatic changes of weather from dawn. You could never experience such unique scenery landscape in any other part of the world. The Volcanic cauldron is surrounded by rainforest, grassland, dusk, wetland, and desert in one place!. There are specific ways to get to Bromo because most of the transportation are not supported to reach Bromo.

jatim park

IV. Jatim Park 2

Jatim Park 2 is a perfect combination of theme park for your vacation trip. It targets both adult and children. The park consists of mini water park, Wildlife museums, and secret zoo; which all located in the middle of East Java. It will be difficult to reach to the place without transportation from Tour from Bali.

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