Do you use Wechat, WhatsApp or Line?

We encourage you to use our travchat app for a better communication between you and our sales agents. Here is the download link in case you may want to use our app.

Can we meet at your office at Bali ?

Right now all of our agents are based spread all over the worlds abroad. You may find and call them here :


Even-though we have office in Bali, but most of the people in Bali are local operators such as drivers, tour guides, accounting clerks, etc which does not speaks to clients directly and they only speaks English.

Do you know any good venues for my meeting/conference/wedding ?

Please check around in our MICE page here :

Can I rent a cabin instead of living in the hotel?

You may check the given hotel in our hotel’s inventory page here :

Do I have to bring an umbrella out in the rainy season?

We encourage you to do so.

What if I accidentally activate the smoke detector in the hotel?

You have to deal that with the hotel directly

Where can I do my laundry?

In Bali there are many laundry service spread across the area, moreover; every hotel shall have a laundry service available.

How is the traffic in Bali?

The traffic is moderately heavy but the traffic jam is not as bad.

I’m a travel agency, I want to collaborate with you.

Please creates an account as a travel agency in our travcust page and use our travcust page directly

What kind of movies do you play in the theater?

Most of the movies will be western movies.


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Booking flight + travel + hotel = discount apply

* Discounts apply when you purchase more than 1 travel service.