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Join our online franchise program! ​

We are a leading travel company and event organizer on the Indonesian island - Bali.

Want to set up a travel company but can't afford it? Now you can do it here!!! Just need a computer, a mobile phone, then you can register to become our sales staff.

To become a driver, you need to have a car and at least 3 years of driving experience before you can register.

You can make a profit by selecting travel dates, customizing travel routes, booking flights, booking hotels and providing language services for tourists.

Benefits of being our franchisee:


Our company carries out a digital marketing campaign, customer will take the initiative to contact you. ​


Anyone in the world can be our franchisee. ​


Use our brand to get your own customers.

Our platform

We provide a platform for you easily contact potential customers, you can also contact our travel management staffs. ​

Business solution:

4% of sales as royalty.

1) we will pay you on your third-party account hosting platform so that you can start working

2) our digital marketing campaign provides customers for you

3) you can speak to your customers through our qq and zopim chat. Our travel manager operator and travcom application will help you assist customers.

4) your client is interested in buying up to $10,000 in total

5) we funded milestone 800

6) your customer sends us $10,000

7) we release milestone $800

In addition, if sales do not reach $10,000, we can pay for each $1 of sales as you wish.

Technical terms:

– you will use our company’s QQ chat tool. The customer will contact you through QQ.

– you will receive a list of potential customers from our website for you to process. Customers usually contact us through QQ and ask questions.

– when customers ask questions, you can redirect them to our custom travel platform so you can develop their itinerary, or they can customize their own itinerary on the platform as your referral.

Contact Us

Ilham - QQ : 3308354073
Ilham - Wechat : ILHAM_BACHTIAR205

William Kuo - QQ : 2570784652
William Kuo - Wechat : guoyuguang520


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Booking flight + travel + hotel = discount apply

* Discounts apply when you purchase more than 1 travel service.