Papua Province

Travel highlights

  • Chia Praia Lake Fairy Lake
  • MacArthur Monument
  • Visit Youtefa Bay
  • Visit the base of G Beach
  • Visit the Hope Waterfall Village
  • Visit love lake
  • Visit jia pula
Journey : 5 days
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Day 1 Sentani Lake
  • Visiting Lake Sentani
  • Lunch at Lake Sentani's Restaurant
  • Visiting MacArthur Sentani Monument
  • Visiting Sentani traditional market

Day 2 Youtefa Bay
  • Visiting Youtefa Bay
  • Lunch at local residents
  • Drink coconut water in the skyline
  • Shop for knick-knacks in the hamadi market
  • Been to Base G beach

Day 3 Love Lake
  • Visiting Kampung Harapan Waterfall
  • Lunch box
  • Stop by Emfotte Love Lake
  • See Jayapura from the Upper Bukit Transmitter

Package Add-On

** DollarQuantityTotal(Rp)Total($)
Lunch per serveRp100,000 $6
Insurance (per person)Rp250,000 $14.73
Total Cost :
Taxes and Service Fee (10%) :
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Meeting Place

Day 1: your hotel
Day 2: your hotel
Day 3: your hotel
Day 4: your hotel
Day 5: Your hotel





Adult $1,099.93
Rp 14,398,054
Children $1,030.48
Rp 14,837,859

*Child discount pertains to children 12 years of age and younger

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* Due to the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate, the US dollar and the quotient currency offer may be adjusted with the exchange rate, before the payment must be confirmed.

*Standard occupancy of a hotel room is 2 adults, with maximum occupancy being 3 adults with additional cost, the prices listed are by hotel room. Please select the number of rooms needed and occupancy in each room at booking, the system will automatically calculate the total cost of the package.

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Aston Jayapura Hotel and Convention Center

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Lake Sentani Sentani Lake

MacArthur Sentani Monument Mc Arthur

Youtefa Bay Youtefa Bay

Base G beach Base G Beach

Kampung Harapan Waterfall Kampung Harapan Waterfall

Emfotte Love Lake Love Lake

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