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Franchise program becomes popular nowadays. In the same trend travel and Tour Company named “Tour from Bali” offers worldwide franchise program. People can take the program and sell packages to the traveler from anywhere in the world. Selling packages one can make good amount of income per month.

May 02, 2018

Tour from Bali has several features in their platform to provide best services to the customers. Their best feature is they are capable to manage your package wherever you are travelling form. And to make the feature more active and dynamic they offer people to get franchise. In their franchise program anyone will take their franchise from anywhere in the world. The company will commit the digital marketing campaign for the customer under franchise. They allow people who buy their franchise to use their brand value. Even the company has expert team to deal the customer comes from the seller invitation.

This platform has amazing chatting option where customer can chat with the franchise holder through their QQ chat tool. The QQ chat tool works by providing franchise holder a list of leads from the website to deal with customer. Customers will usually add to the site on QQ then start asking questions.

Upon customers question to the seller will automatically redirect to the related page of the website from where he can know the issue that customer wants to know. He also can share the link to the customer to educate him or her about the whole tour packages. There is another option also; the customer will get notification as per the referral of the seller that which area the customer usually wants to know about.

Their seller royalty is also very much rational and demanding. The seller will get 4% royalty of every sale they made. Usually the company gross profit comes from 10% to 15% each year. Based on this range seller can take home 6% to 11% worth of the income. They have maintained an escrow account in the site. $200 will be stored in the escrow account which will get released after every $1000 sales.

Basically, it is a way to earn money online. As people can use the brand from anywhere in this world about travelling they can also make money from home. Just use referral to the people who want to go visit Indonesia and earn money giving tour amazing packages of tour from Bali.

About Tour from Bali:

‘Tour from Bali’ works as a platform for booking cheap Indonesia and Bali tour. It is based on the possibility that travelers in Indonesia choose commonly first land in Bali to start their trip through Indonesia. They have very good specialists to have looked through the nation to locate the best and most reasonable visits and exercises that will suit all the movement needs.

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