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Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, as well as the biggest city in the country. In recent years, the significant economic growth has put Jakarta on the map for many business travelers, the unique mix of cultures and rich history of Jakarta also makes it a popular tourist destination; the combination of the two has brought a large number of visitors to Jakarta on a daily basis.

A city with so much to offer and such rising popularity; inevitably, there ought to be some inefficiency when it comes to ground transportation. Just like every big city, the traffic in Jakarta is less than friendly and at time can be very time consuming. And time is the one thing that both the business and leisure travelers can’t afford to waste. While it is true that you will get an authentic, vibrant experience on the ground, with so much to see and experience in Jakarta, it only makes sense to go for a little efficiency in your travels.

And that’s exactly why a charter flight is a good idea for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time and prefer to travel in style and comfort.

There are at least five airports available for charter flights in or around Jakarta. No matter who you’re traveling with ; flying solo, flying with loved ones or your team at work, we work hard to make sure there is a solution for your private charter flight needs.

All you have to do is get in touch and let us know your needs, and leave the rest to our professional customer service team.

Jet SizeAvg Hourly Rate ($USD)Range (nm)SeatsSpeed (mph)
Very Light Jets (VLJ)$2,000 - $2,3501,200-1,3002-4380 - 415
Light Jets$2,200 - $2,5001,020-2,8906-7355 - 566
Midsize Jets$2,800 - $ 3,4001,160-4,2007-8419 - 545
Super Midsize Jets$3,800 - $4,5002,820-4,2008-10431 - 545
Large Jets$4,500 - $8,0004,330-6,00010-16424 - 595
VIP Airliner$8,000 - $12,0004,600-7,48016-60469 - 561
Turboprop Airliners$2,500 - $2,400700-3,30219-39181 - 440
Helicopters$900 - $5,000250-6603-896 - 190
Turboprop Aircraft$1,200 - $1,600850-1,7205-8169-370
Business Jet airplane interior

Business Jet airplane interior

Private jet cruising at sunset

Private jet cruising at sunset

Business jet plane.

Business jet plane.


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