A resort on Samosir island in Lake Toba, Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatera is the biggest island in Indonesia location in Western part of Indonesia. It has many scenic beautiful views and ethnicity. One of the most famous tourist spot is Toba Lake and Medan City

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Sumatera Attractions Recommended

I.  Cattle Race Festival

47172876 - motion blurred of buffalo competition in dirt track
The famous cattle race festival is held several times through out the year. The rider will ride two cattle at once to compete each other.

II.  Batak and Padang House

Traditional Batak house on the Samosir island, North Sumatra, Indonesia
The most preserved House design in Sumatera. It’s house architecture is known and famous through out the country.

II.  Medan City

luxury cottage
One of the biggest city in the whole island. It’s known for its famous history and mixed culture with Chinese immigrant.

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