Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

Why Australians Won’t Stop Visiting Bali

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There are lots of reasons for Australians to come to Bali. One of the biggest among them is Warung Dewa Malen. This place always remains filled with Australian because the food here is delicious and inexpensive. It is certain that they love the food of Warung Dewa Malen because wherever they visit in Bali they like to eat dishes similar to those available at Dewa Malen. The number of beaches is extensive and their beauty is mind boggling. These beaches are the primary source of attraction for Australians. This place has tourist attractions like Bliss Ubud Spa, Bali Bliss residence and Bliss Sanctuary for women. These places are astonishing but they are also associated with some tragic incidents.

Australians are still coming to Bali even after tragic incidents

The first drop of Australian tourists in Bali was observed in 2002 when 88 Australian were killed in a terrorist attack. This drop in tourists was serious but by the end of 2015, the number of Australian tourists started to increases. The second attack of terrorists in Bali didn’t stop Australian to come in Bali. The overall global peace situation is not very welcoming. People can’t stop visiting exceptionally attractive places due to some terrorist attacks otherwise, they will have no choice to visit any place.

It is a strange fact that after every ninth day one Australian dies in Bali but still the major portion of tourists in Bali is comprised of Australians. This year 2.5 million tourists came to Bali from January to September. 600,000 among those 2.5 million were Australians. The high number of deaths of Australians in Bali is also due to a high number of Australian tourists in Bali.


In 2011, three Australians including a woman MS Bischoff, her 14 years old daughter, and 18 years old boy, Jake, died in Bali due to the faulty power line. There are lots of other people from different countries who died in Bali due to inadequate security and facilities but it does not seem to affect the number of tourists in Bali. It is may be due to the uncanny natural beauty of Bali. In 2011 and 2012, 39 Australians died and more than 90 visited counselors in different hospitals. The majority of these deaths and traumatic experiences were due to natural causes and regular accidents like traffic accidents. It is not always the fault of Bali’s administration, therefore, Australians always find their selves in Bali even after some serious tragic incidents in Bali. The incident of MS Bischoff was exception and authorities took serious action on it. Now, Australians feel safe even at the hotel where the incident of Bischoff occurred. Recently two Australian families ate their lunch in a restaurant at Padang Bai. it is a beachfront restaurant and it is only a few meters away from the hotel where Bischoff was staying. it is a clear indication that Australians just can resist Bali and they are willing to come here.

Hustle Free Quick Visit

Bali also offers high-quality bear with very low rates. it is also attracting Australians because everyone knows the popularity of bear in Australia. The journey from Sydney and Brisbane to Bali is almost of six hours. Every day several flights fly from these two cities to Bali. These flights are hustle free and allow people to visit Bali even on every weekend. Tourists just have to pay 25 USD at the airport as holiday visa fee and they can enjoy inexpensive food, drinks, beer, and dining at beach restaurants.

Yes, the facilities for tourists in some areas of Bali are not up to international standard and Bali’s administration is also not best of all but Australians have the special place in Bali in their hearts and they will keep coming in these islands. The standard for facilities for tourists in Bali has approved a lot over the past few years but as a matter of fact, Australians are not concerned much about it. They love food, beaches, resorts, and lakes of Bali and they will visit it no matter what.


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